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Homicidal - текст песни


Maniac… the name is Swift

Homicidal the title, to take a life as a gift

Cold crush, rhyme, rhyme, lady, scratch, and even music maker

Bounce an' MC on the court like a ball player

Proven by the lyrics on the mike as I extend the cut

Making music, as the girls move and shale their butts

Suckers with the heart, try to battle even cheat me

They can't compete, nor they defeat, or even beat me

With the silly dictionary rhymes they spond

When the mike catches fire, it will melt and bend

Then I'll use the court as a whip, as I teach this lesson

I'll whipe the knowledga in your head, so you can't stop guessing

Who's the best MC upon the MIC, SWIFT

Executed lyrics by me, will leave you violated

Make your body get the shiversq, eyes dilated

Suckers perpetrate, and try to dis me

That's why the suckers watching me like TV

Survival of the fittest, is very vital

Got my weapon on auto, boy, I'm homicidal

Dangerous, mike packing and ill

My peotry is my ammo, and it's ready to kill

I'll put your head out with a quickness if we battle you know

I'll make you wish you were in prison, sitting on death row

Chrome plated, highly polished, and I'm running the joint

I penetrate, like a hollow point

Homicidal, is what I feel in my mind

I have 100 ways to kill you while I'm saying this rhyme

Perpetrators, can't even compare to this

I cock the hammer, pull the trigger and dis

Sucker MCs biting rhymes like these

I'll point my weapon in your face and then I'll start to squeeze

Your mind get's nervous, your face is cold sweating

Beacuse a butt-kickings, what you're getting

I lived a rough life from kid to a man

When I think of things I've done I say "Damn !"

What's the deal, you know it's real

Always feeling illy ill, my mind just says kill

I'm never wrong, then again I'm not right ya'll

Menace I'm homicidal

Swift the name, dissin' MCs the game,

To dis a sucker MC is the claim of my fame

I like to grabthem by the face, punching them in the neck

Burning up their stale rhymes, 'till they give me respect

Cold destruction is a code, causing rapper's commotion

Setting world on fire like a TNT explosion

Rhyme, not a song (Texts of songs ), I neither sang nor I sung

I can cut a man to shreds, or break a tree with my tongue

Got my face on a poster, wanted dead or alive

Reward tall "duckies" four thousand or five

If you want to take the "duckies" wish yourself a good luck

Cuz I kill in cold bood and I don't give a fuck

Come along or bring your posse, play brave and the bold

I'll be rocking, cold shocking, 'till I'm 80 years old

Proud and I'm black, giving squeezers no slack

I'm even deadlier then PCP caine and crack

I'm the mercenary, killing punks at will

I hate it when the brothers are acting ill

It's time to get busy, and fight ya'll

Word, I'm homicidal

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