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Brand New Baby - текст песни

Brand New Baby

I met her on the farm on a hot summer night

I don't have to tell you it was love at first sight

It was a chance introduction by a mutual friend

I took a look in her eyes and I fell right in

She had heavenly hips and chestnut hair

It was a couple of days before I came up for air

Next thing I remember she had moved in with me

I was introducing her to my whole family as


As my brand new baby

My brand new baby

She's my brand new baby

I think I'm really stuck this time

My brand new baby wasn't nobody's fool

She laid down the law and she made all the rules

Didn't have much to work with but I'll be damned

If she didn't turn a boy into a full grown man

Now I thought about leaving but I never did go

I just gave what she wanted and I never said no

Now church bells are ringing and they ain't far away

Cause I know better than to disobey


Boys if you want to find the girl of your dreams

Stop looking in the movies and the magazines

Find yourself a woman with some meat on her bones

Don't fall for all the plastic and the silicone

There's lots of pretty women, I mean they're everywhere

Just keep your tongue in your mouth and try not to stare

I remember what it's like to be one of the guys

Just don't let me see you trying to catch the eye of


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