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Lets Make A Family - текст песни

Let's Make A Family

I hear a tick

I hear a tock

Must be your biological clock

You're ready

Oh, you're ready

You got the itch

I wanna scratch

I can't resist that's a natural fact

I'm ready

I think I'm ready

We've had plenty of practice, so how hard can it be?

Baby, let's make a family

Some say we're in need

Of a reality check

But is there ever a good time so what the heck

If you're ready

Oh you're ready

Though the money we got

Ain't going far

You can't make a lot with an acoustic guitar

But I'm ready

I hope I'm ready

'Cause even fools are born with all the tools they need

Oh baby, let's make a family

I felt a kick

I can't wait

I know that's easy for me to say

You're ready

Look at you, you're ready

Eight months down

One to go

We're gonna add another ring to this circus show

And I'm ready

I better be ready

So honey cross your fingers and hope it don't look like me

Oh baby, let's make a family

Baby, you know I've been thinking

We can start this one out on the steel guitar and the next on the madolin

All it would take is a couple sets of twins

And before too long I'd have me a band for free

Oh baby, let's make a family

Die Texte der Lieder. Тексты песен - На сайте свыше 500 текстов песен.

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