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Cloud Of Witnesses - текст песни

Cloud Of Witnesses

We watched them runnin' down the aisles,

Children's time, Sunday morning.

The preacher asked them who they loved,

They all smiled and started pointing to their mom,

Their dad,

The teacher from their kindergarten class;

And each and every one

Had just come from

A cloud of witnesses

That would see them through the years

Cheer them with a smile

And pray them through the tears

A cloud of witnesses that would see them to the end,

And shower them with love that never ends

A cloud of witnesses.

They stuck together through the years,

The best of friends faith could foster

So when they found out one of them

Had heard the news

He'd lost his father,

They ran to him

And prayed and put their hands upon his head,

And slowly one by one

They'd all become

A cloud of witnesses

As they sent above a prayer

They took a hold of hands and

circled 'round a friend

A cloud of witnesses with a faith just like a rock,

They helped him give his father back to God

As a cloud of witnesses

So when it comes the time

That heaven calls

They'll come running to see the ones who've gone before,

And made the journey home to find waiting for them at the finish line,

Cheerin happily they will run

and they will see

A could of witnesses

Lined up on a street of gold

As they run the final mile.

That leads them to a throne.

And through the cloud of witnesses

They see God upon the throne.

And as they fall into His arms,

They know they're home in

A cloud of witnesses,

Surrounded by a could of witnesses.

We watched them runnin down the aisles

Children's time

Sunday morning.

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