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Against The Gods - текст песни

Against The Gods

The Empire is coming take cover if you can

The rays of ice are falling down eradicate our lands

We beg your mercy master to take our sacrifice

Supremacy acknowledged now that humans rule our life

The age of light that changed us laid waste to the land

And in the wake that followed we were slaves to human hands

Rebellious insurrection inspired by our plight

We'll avenge our young and Hivemates and crush their godly blight

Call our warrior-drones to arms

Shelter our elders from harm

Raise the battle flags this night

Against the gods we fight

Against the gods - carry on for sons of Errow

Against the gods - build the wall and they will come

(kill them all the rest will come)

Against the gods - tell your brothers I will follow

Against the gods - suddenly we've all run out of time

Against the gods - we'll take that chance

Against the gods - (this is) our retribution

Against the gods - in the hands of fate

Hail to the oppressed...Errow be your guide

Now raise your fists and cast away your fears of genocide

When the Empire has fallen we will send the humand back

To the distant star from whence they came

And once again we will own this land...our home

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