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Jack b. Nimble - текст песни

Jack b. Nimble

Yeah... it's a real sad story
Show you just how unjust this world is
Let me tell ya bout a guy named Jack

Jack B. Nimble Jack be quick
There's a cop running right behind you with a stick
Better run Jack run Jack run Jack run
Better hide that gun Jack hide that gun Son
Things look bad now they're gonna get worse though
Look there's an alley take off in a burst yo
It sure is dark Jack it smells like piss aiyyo
Look at that big rat, here hit him with this
Uh-oh quiet, here comes that copper
Get in this garbage can and put it on the top
Uhhh, yeah yeah that's pretty slick
What a trick, he walked right past, what a dick
I think he's gone now, ready set, now jet
You better run Jack run Jack don't stop yet
There's a patrol car, they're searchin the area
You think you're scared now, it's gonna get scarier
Don't be mosin, they're closin in kid
See what having that darker skin did
Now which way Jack, cause you need a breather
And a good lawyer, you won't get either
Up those stairs Jack, your sister's building
The cops will leave soon, so stay there till then
But she's not home so you can keep on knockin
Take out a slim jim and pick the lock and
Now you're safe, can you believe those guys?
Hunting you down with such hate in their eyes
But now you can rest Jack, but oh what a mess black
Run to the bathroom, and flush away the crack
Maybe you shoulda just kept your mouth quiet
Never knew that it would cause such a riot
Peek out the window, to see who's lurkin
Twenty cop cars, hey this ain't workin
Someone saw you when you dipped inside they're
Comin up the stairs there's no place to hide, yeah
Good thing you didn't ditch the gun like I said G
You'd be a sittin duck, dead full of lead see
They didn't come to arrest and take you back
They came to finish and diminish you Jack
You shoulda never said that you would start tellin
On the cops that was down with the drugs you was sellin
So now it's time to take the nine from your back
Cause they're kickin down the door, good luck Jack

Jack B. Nimble (2X)
Hey Jack yo, you better B. Nimble

Die Texte der Lieder. Тексты песен - На сайте свыше 500 текстов песен.

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