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Capital Punishment - текст песни

Capital Punishment

The United States is one of two remaining industrialized nations to

still use death as a form of punishment. There are approximately 3,000

prisoners currently living on Death Row. No other country in the world

has this many of it's citizens awaiting execution. If you support capital

punishment you support absolute political control at it's sickest


Murder, murder, murder, murder

Why must we continue to murder

Those who've been convicted of murder

Enforced under the lie that it's deterrent of murder

Justifies their fucking murder

Sentenced to die

Sentenced to death

Capitol punishment

A tool of the terrorist

It's nothing more than a political weapon

It's not a deterrent

It's not a prevention

Kill one man

Spare another

Our justice system is based on color

Examine the facts

You have to face it

The American's crime

An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind

Politicians who seek enhancement look towards murder for career advancement

They prey on fear and insecurity

To win support of the majority

Endorsing murder under false perceptions

Being tough on crime helps win elections

They're playing God

They have no right

It's premeditated political sacrifice

It's not about a murder or a crime committed

Not what was done, but who fucking did it

It's not about law or even justice

It's all about race and economic status

You can't judge a person by a stereotyped race

You have to look at the individual case

No life's returned by an execution

Another death is no solution

Their justice system is just our burden

The way they treat the average person

What about murder by government agents

Not capital punishment or even containment

These political pawns get away with murder

They're servants to the new world order

You'll see no outside intervention

Not a single death recommendation

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