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All Boy Band - текст песни

All Boy Band

One more set, baby, you'll survive

Just play guitar, don't look them in the eye

They're all here to see you tonight

Such expectations impress the writers

All boy band, all boy attitude

Break your bass will get them in the mood

If you want I will sing for you

"Anything girl, anything girl"

When every mouth that sings complains and honesty can be replaced

There are sadder things to say

I guess it's true I look for it

A tragedy that's gonna fit the chorus that I need more than anything

Is it happiness is so impossible that you can't touch it even when it's close to you?

Or is it emptiness is still so probable that you're scared to even reach for it?

You can't pretend? Is that what this is about?

The feeling's gone, but the album just came out

And even though there is no meaning now, I can't stop singing

Can't stop singing

Well, here's the book I stole it from all repeated and tired-tongued

There is still nothing to say

But I can say with confidence there are a hundred bands that sound like us

But that's not important and it never was

It's the feeling that creeps in when it is late

And you pull the van to the side of the interstate

And you lay on the roof, the stars hang above

And you wonder what they'd look like if you were in love

Well, tonight I am ecstatic with the sounds of the amplifiers

Filling up the emptiness with distortion

I can tell the kid has been crying, he puts his mouth on a pacifier

A microphone, a memory, an emotion

Are those people at the bar, they look more like statues

Expressionless, they listen to the first band

I'm looking for a payphone, a familiar voice

I need someone who understands

That this isn't how I wanted it to be

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