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Break Bread - текст песни

Break Bread

(feat. Lew Hawk, Gu-U)

Break bread (where them ballers at)

Break bread-break bread (where them ballers at)

Break bread-break bread (where them ballers at)

Break bread-break bread

Break bread - [15x]

[Hook - 2x]

You breaking bread, what's up with it

You breaking bread, what's up with it

I'm turning heads, when I enter the club

I'm Gucci this Fendi that, I'm all of the above

[Paul Wall]

When it comes to jewelry, I'm like T.J. Ford

Cause my diamonds, average bout 15 points

All my T.V. VS, nothing less than the best

So I guess, that means I got expensive breath

But I'm more than just jewelry, I'm more than just ice

But me looking like a scrub, just wouldn't safice

I got rolls gold glowing, lap tops showing

Bremie Louis the Thirteenth, to keep it flowing

I can keep going and going, but what's the use

You know I'm balling in the mix, cause I got the juice

I run with wise guys, so it's no surprise

Everywhere I go, women undress me with they eyes

Boys can't knock it, I'm on the rise like a rocket

Big bank take lil' bank, I let you pick which pocket

My wrist glowing, like I stuck my hand in a socket

It's Paul Wall can't nobody stop it, break bread

[Hook - 2x]

[Lew Hawk]

I'm a star stunning nigga, when I step in the club

Channel sets cross my wrist, just like a light bulb

Got Gucci cross my feet, while I shock and rock

Popping Crystal bottles, will make these hoes bop

We some top notch playas, ain't no time for acting

We need ATM machines, for the loot we stacking

Better think shoot a fee, I bet it won't break me

Plus I spend a few G's, up in VIP

It's the currency, that make these hoochies hunch

All they want is a hour fifty, take em out to lunch

But they must be drunk, I never trick off ends

Just flip a blue Benz, with the blue eyes lens

On 16 headed North, with my chrome girlfriend

She could make your life end, and not get sent to the Penn

This for my niggaz in the Penn, that won't see sunshine

Got princess cuts in my mouth, you could see sunshine, break bread

[Hook - 2x]


Jumping in the slab, I'm bound to turn heads

In something's blue red, running lights like the FED's

Man I feel like Pac, it's all eyes on me

Sitting on 23's, in the black SUV

A life of luxury, that's the life for me

You can catch me at the mall, spending 15 thee

On the piece and chain, got rocks and rings

Hoes attitudes changed, since I'm having thangs

It's hard to explain, but that's the way it goes

Over night I went from showing rocks, to rocking shows

Hoes that wouldn't speak, now they watching me

But I'm trying to figure out, is it the watch or me

Or the foreign car, with the blue eyed lens

It's a bird it's a plane, that's my made back Benz

Is we cutting or what, is what I'm asking her

In Texas she saw my chain, it's a massacre, break bread

[Hook - 2x]

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