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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » P » Peggy Seeger
Come Fill up Your Glasses - текст песни

Come Fill up Your Glasses

Come fill up your glasses with whiskey and beer
And drink a full glass to a happy new year
To our sisters and brothers,and may they live long,
So lift up your glasses and join in this song (Texts of songs )

So we'll fill up your glasses and drink once again,
To peace on earth and good will among men

Long life to the miners the whole world around,
Who spend their days in a hole underground,
Whose road is a tunnel, whose day is the night,
Out of danger and darkness they bring light

Our thanks too the fishermen and safe may they toil,
And also to the farmer who turns up the soil;
To the ploughmen and shepherds and all men of worth,
Whose joy is to harvest the fruits of the earth.

Here's to the drivers and firemen and the rest of the team,
Who keep the stock rolling by diesel and steam,
To the cleaners and shunters who work night and day,
And the track laying gangs on the permanent way.

A toast to the casual laboring man,
Who lives where his work is, who works where he can,
To the builders and spidermen and bold engineers,
May your wages keep rising, lads, over the years.

To the writers and artists, then, let's drink a health,
To people whose hopes, and whose dreams are our wealth,
Whose tools are but canvas or paper and pen,
Whose harvest is the future and the progress of men,

Let the men drink a health to their sweethearts and wives,
And the ladies, being willing, will greet them likewise,
May your pleasures be many, your troubles bu few,
May you treasure the day you made one out of two.

Let's drink to our children and let us prepare,
A world where they'll live free from sorrow and care,
A world where goodwill among men is the law,
A world without fallout, a world without war.

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