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All We Got Is Us - текст песни

All We Got Is Us

(feat. C.L. Smooth)

[Intro x5: Children singing]

"Ain't no second time to appreciate"

[Verse 1: C.L. Smooth]

First of all, you better count your blessings

When you got C.L. now you got bad boy, your connections

In return, while we live and we learn, then you know what it is

To only build a bigger future for the kids

In peace, in war, lets take it to the floor

Every time we take two steps the crowd takes four

Lay the heat, how I come to the street, how I cut through the beef

Let me handle that, that's why you make me chief

It's packed, what they want in this here

Can we weather the storm, six minutes, C.L. Smooth you're on

All the anger and the fear, was in the dressing room prayer

That we came out to light it up and put it in the air

That's real, so holler back at ya boy, step aside Leroy

To all my ladies, who want tickets, enjoy, cause

I spit it and you gotta get with it and you'll never forget it

Yes, I want the best out, count 'em all


"Ain't no second time to appreciate"

To the fans and to all my people that supported us

"Ain't no second time to appreciate"

To the mama and the daddy and everything they taught us

"Ain't no second time to appreciate"

Tell them kids they gotta stay in school or ride with us

"Ain't no second time to appreciate"

When it all goes down, baby, All We Got Is Us

[Verse 2: C.L. Smooth]

You tell 'em this is history in the making, avoiding disasters

This run is for the green jacket, I fit, the masters

My crew havin' business, save, put it in through my office

The security is tight and the secretary is gorgeous

That's official, me and Pete in the lab, that's what they want

Pushin that real hip hop, up to the front

The game's been good to me, preserved my youth

Not only, did it capture my goals and told me the truth

Look out my hustle, made a living, paid and driven

See why they tour around the world came to save us from prison

It's great, I rather love than hate

You think it fell out the sky, I'm here to tell you, why believe in faith

Hard work, payin of and them wishes comin' true

Bolt open and you out to lunch, and left us two

Now you know we can't let that pass to get that cash

We in the big numbers, count 'em all


[Verse 3: C.L. Smooth]

Why my Uncle Doc left me everything when he died, and

When pop passed, two weeks later I cried, and

When great grandma left it all went crazy now

All I had left was grandma Pam, that's my baby

Can't talk bad about me, she tell 'em, why we need to give her

All those roses while she could smell 'em

I live this moment used to stay how we was

How my mother came to her in a dream and told her

Corey will come out of this deep dark depression, stand by me

Give my insight a resurrection and heal me

And feel me, what you got is to love, got a thing

This little woman who brought back the thug, let's grind

Ghetto's Of The Mind while I'm in my prime

I left, so y'all can catch up, I'm ahead of my time

Your legacy and that lazy boy say it ain't fear

My next generation triple my digits, add 'em up like


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