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Breakin Da Law - текст песни

Breakin' Da Law

(feat. Gangsta Blac, Terror)

[Playa Fly]

And we ain't playin' wit'cha....

South Sucka....

[Chorus: Playa Fly & Crowd]


Break the law!!!!

[Playa Fly]

Breakin' The Law


[First Verse: Playa Fly & Terror]

[Playa Fly]

I bring your cizourt procedures, your regulations and rules

I bring your tickets, citations, and registrations to who?

Fly need no limits no boundaries

You just get from behind me

I live the Mafia livin', lil' Tee the laws won't come find me

Got so much love for my thugs

And even more for my drugs

And we ain't lovin' this law, so break the law and get buck

I-B-N buckin' the system

Cuz the system's a hizzoe (hoe)

And I don't care bout no law, cuz Uncle Sam is my negro

Your constitution's a fraud

Your Bill of Rights is too slaw

And since it's first amendment, freedom speech, I say "Break the law"

I'm gone be hizigh (high) forever

No matter who say whatever

No peckerwoods or oreos, be stoppin' this fella

Your prosecution's a crock!

And us young bucks got 'em hot

With blue troops in blue suits, they can't make us stop

And I'll continue to rock

In ways that I'll cut 'em raw

And we ain't takin' violations, exhibit breakin' the law

So break the law!!!!


Aiyyo Blackout

Pass me the torch, I'm ready to scorch

Bustin' out the back, of the track

With the flamory force, we tired of your noise

Watch the grin and the talk still in my voice

No body in, no body hustle quick to hate on them boys

Ain't playin' with toys, in fact y'all might bust cuz I'm bored

You callin' the court ask me for six I laugh and you get ignored

Murderin' Child, Pops should have been wearin' a Bra

The way they had yo ass run, I thought you was a track star

That's on the raw, haters I'ma pull out the grain

What's my name? Terror down for cockin' and aim

That's hard as me man, get yo weapon, I'ma prove he can't hang

Break Da Law, some super slaw but this the 99 thang

Rad Rapper, please watch me rock like O C's

Drama I stay on Nestie, If you wanna test me

Come to the Ave. get yo ass broke down like a Ki

Three to the M, Taylor B, and I'm Playa Posse

Watch me emepty 'em all out, it's all on me

See eveyrbody got them sells for a Q P

See Break Da Law!

[Chorus x11]

[Second Verse: Playa Fly & Gangsta Blac]

[Playa Fly]


Down with E

B-I-T, C-H

Fly comin' with no time to waste

Bigger and better, I'm strapped with Terror

And skills wherever

You Devil's need protection like a bombing shelter

Like stormy weather

Remove your roof, by tellin' the truth

By year two, and your entire cowardly group

Hey Handyman, you actually cannot stand to me

And what's that young cocksucker name who playin' around with Tee?

One murdering child, have your family worryin' awhile

Drink up some Mo, and take a champagne shower in style

And break up the slaw, while we be yellin' break the lizaw (law)

And break up the raw, and put an empty one in my jaw

And every lizaw that I break will be upon your back

And yo that gang claimin' ass bitch, she just ain't talkin' bout jack

See mane this Terror and this Playa never hated you haters

If a Playa hate a hater that won't make me no faker

Fly rise and shine, represent mine, so break the lizaw

With Gangsta behind me so your cast is off

And if fall bitches tizalk (talk) shizit (shit)

you should be lockin' your jaw

Cuz it's makin' me, makin' me, makin' me, makin' me break the law

Break the law!!!!!

[Gangsta Blac]

Takin' the stick, and break dat stick down to bout six

Lil' pieces n discs cause I'm that nigga that started all this

Not takin' no fame, no need for me to state my full name

I'm known to campaign, and known to Break the Law for some change

I'm the roughest, toughest, Mother Fucka, that Hood Star

From South Park for you Mother Fucka

You can't deni that Gangsta Blac don't keep it rzaw, and

Down to Break The Lzaw, and

Head just to make, that's what you szaw

Believe we platinum status, we mackin' through this game mane, and

If we keep it real and stay focus upon this game mane

If we can pay for it then, C Bill will have to come through

A lesson should be deep in his dream bout this shit blew

Yeah!, Now how ya like that

[Chorus x58]

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