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Business Is Business - текст песни

Business Is Business

[ 8-Off ]
...niggas was rhymin, man, at this fashion show shit
Knaw I mean, some R&B niggas
[ PMD ]
What happened to the beats and rhymes?
[ 8-Off ]
Word up, son
Knaw I mean?

[ following excerpts from _Scarface_ ]

[ Frank Lopez ]
"You're makin moves on your own, huh?"
[ Tony Montana ]
"I got ears, you know?
I hear things.
You know?"
[ Frank Lopez ]
"What do you hear about [Name] or the Diaz brothers?
What about them?
What about Gaspar Gomez?
What is he gonna do when you start movin 2000 ki's..."
[ Tony Montana ]
"Fuck Gaspar Gomez and fuck the fuckin Diaz brothers!
Fuck em all!
I bury those cockaroaches!"

"What they ever do for us?"

[ CHORUS: 8-Off ]
Don't kick jokes, cause this ain't the right time
Disrespect, you regret it for your lifetime
Fuckin with Pee, only thing you got to do is shine
Get yours, kid, just chill, cause I'ma get mine

[ Tony Montana ]
"Look Frank, time has come
We gotta expand
The whole operation..."

[ PMD ]
Yo, business is business
Follow the whiz kid
Flip the rap, get the fat crib
Duck or get blasted by the Squad Mig
I'm not your nig, clockin 7 digit figs, you dig?
I want that ass, then my crew got dibs with the lids
Accurate rhymin type this is
You know what this is, I'm strictly biz while you ???
Tryin to mic-block the Mic-Doc, the Funk Zyklop
What you want, dun? This is my spot
Change what lock? Aiyo, you bound to catch a speed knot
Runnin with the dreadlock predators (Das EFX) real hip-hop
Caught in the death block, so what up, ack?
Beamin down, star-trekin niggas like Dr. Spock

[ Tony Montana ]
"Let's get this straight now:
I never fucked anybody over in my life didn't have it comin to.
You got that?
All I have in this world is my balls and my word.
And I don't break em for nobody.
Do you understand?
That piece of shit up there, I never liked him,
I never trusted him.
For all I know he had me set up,
And had my friend Angel Fernandez killed.
But that's history.
I'm here, he's not.
You wanna go out with me, you say it then.
You don't, then you make a move."


[ PMD ]
The human generator, MC slash eliminator
Irritator, PMD kicks the rhyme data
Blowin up Boondox Records, so check it
Respected, paid mad dues, now watch me wreck shit
So peep this out, paw, rugged and raw
Didn't see what you thought you saw
Now you're gettin floored
Like the pedal to the metal
I'm hot like a tea kettle
PMD wins the gold medal
No time to lamp, crack a forty, get amped
Cause niggas wanna test, we get wild like boot camp
In the Garden, fuck the stardom, I beg your pardon
Catch a bitch slippin, knock out the whole bottle
I'm too rugged, steppin through drippin with ice nuggets
You can't hang, my ???'s your fuckin album budget
You know my steez, four golds, EPMD
Fuck the break up, I'm gettin mines, gee

[ Frank Lopez ]
"Why the fuck would I hurt you?
I brought you in.
So we had a few differences, huh?
No big deal.
I gave you your start.
I was the one who believed in you!"

[ Tony Montana ]
"I stayed loyal to you.
I made what I could on the side,
But I never turned on you, Frank.
But you...
A man who ain't worth his word is a cockaroach."


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