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All Pretty For The T.V. - текст песни

All Pretty For The T.V.

We had recorded this song (Texts of songs ) once before at Innovations Music & Media, where Straight Six was recorded. It was rough, but pop-y. At the time, this was probably our most exciting song (Texts of songs ) and, in fact, quickly became a crowd favorite. Eventually, we would have friends 3NP join us on stage for a hip-hop style interlude in the middle. The album version features sound-bites taken from Swirling Eddie's video "Spittle & Phlegm", at our request.

With notions of televangelism sprinkled throughout the lyrics, this song (Texts of songs ) hits on the dangers of self-serving ministries, focused more on money than on the Lord, and its effects on those who believe in it. The other message refers to television itself. The idea being that much of what people do is based (wrongly) upon what they see from televsion.

I see the wealthy guy

The world in his eyes

He need not contain no pain or shame

"And never will," I cry

And I'm a dirty word

You know I'm so absurd

If I write things off as meaningless

So I'm never heard

Stare and no care into nowhere

Round and round pounds the sound inside

We never give it up

Well, I can never live up and the box won't shut up

Ground me out without a doubt

We never give it up

So I didn't need a book

to get the certain look now

Well, I just tune it in

So this is what it means to live

And I am really free

Cause you and me are we and how

We always fit right in

So this is what it means to live

And now I'm turning blue

Without a thing to do

Cause I'm wrapped, enthralled and my brain it stalls

I can't think it thru

Give me a second chance

I'll learn your happy dance

Cause I want to be in, forget the sin

You'd think I'm in a trance

Have you got ears to hear

And would you draw so near

Cause it's got things to say and us to change

You know you needn't fear

So make your senses soft

And never turn it off

Just step inside and join the ride

Here's our real God.

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