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Step Up Front - текст песни

Step Up Front

[Ego Trip's "Book of Rap Lists"; p. 114]

Music first..

Grand Puba - "Step up front!"

Ahh, Milk Dee - "Step up front!"

A Priority Posse - "Step up front!"

To my mom and my dad - "Step up front!"

Uhh, c'mon.. yeah, c'mon..

Yeah baby c'mon.. uh, c'mon..

[Verse One]

Let's discuss this - listen while I bust this

It's from the K, so hey you can trust this

rhyme ritual rap my rap spiritual

Pumpin and jumpin, from the max to the minimum

I don't moan and groan, I take it on

For floozies I bone I just leave 'em alone

I need a clear head in order for me to win it

so baby, "Hold up - hey! Wait a minute!"

Uhh, yeah.. uhh, c'mon..

Yeah baby c'mon now.. uhh, c'mon..

[Verse Two]

On the square - I'm not riffin like Andy Griffith

Just fed up, goin head up, with competition

Don't excluse or place no restriction

Gotta qualify to be in my jurisdiction

Razzle, dazzle, burn you to a frazzle

Soon you say you don't need the hassle

I'm too hard to be soft, too loud to be a duck

And if you are well then look tough luck

It's not your world so don't work at no resentment

Tryin to front on a three-hour rap segment

I'm the one so FUCK your attitude

I got a chip on my shoulder, plus I'm in a bad mood

You're huffin, puffin, bluffin for nothin

Come out your face, word is bond I hurt somethin

Rockin your knot, puttin a wop in your bop

Hittin the spot, just like an insulin shot

So whassup Hobbes? I'm all in it

"Hold up - hey! Wait a minute!"

Yeah.. uhh, yeah baby c'mon..

Uh, c'mon..

[Verse Three]

Well uhh, boom batter, sissies don't matter

Sorry homeboy my pockets is gettin fatter

The chain gets thicker, the records come quicker

Your girl keeps comin around I'm gonna stick her

So plan your prevention I'm the best in your dimension

Don't cause static and I don't like tension

Cellophone sissies - I see through ya

Every rhyme you say I'll outdo ya

I'm an MC please I'm not a microphone teaser

Got more rhymes than meat in your freezer

So don't debate it, or complicate it

Appreciate the fact new jacks, I made it

Yeahhhh boy, believe it's true

What I've done many wants to do

My rhymes are sufficient, also suffice

No matter how you put it they're plain just nice

Takes time to be written, pull fully intact

I never had to front I got too much back

Well I said things changed ever since I got in it

so, "Hold up - hey! Wait a minute!"

Uhh, if it ain't rough it ain't right

If it ain't loose it's tight

and if it ain't black it's white

So c'mon, maintain your aggression

and use some discretion

And I'ma get wreck in just about onnnnnnnne second

[Verse Four]

Positive, the gentleman, the rapper

Intelligent, clean cut, dapper

Blowin out scales on the rhyme barometer

Raisin temperatures upon the hip-hop thermometer

Commercial - controversial's not my image

I'm roughin up rappers just like a, football scrimmage

Put 'em to a test, see what they can commit

And if they can't take an order like my dog - sit!

Girls I want - yeah I can get 'em

Shakespeare? Couldn't shoot a rap better

Got a way with words, that could seduce you

When you find out honey, you just got loose

Word to the mother, mother to the word

It's not absurd by what you just heard

I rock 'em, wrote 'em, long like a totem pole

Baby God bless your soul

I choose 'em, flooze 'em, bang 'em, bruise 'em

Send 'em to the next man then I excuse 'em

I'm the Positive, not the interrogative

with a lot to take and a hell of a lot to give

But umm, people changed ever since I got in it so

"Hold up - hey! Wait a minute!"

Uhh, yo I wanna say whassup to the crew

To Audio Two, and MC Lyte

Also the Alliance

And to the Hillside Posse, yo we outta here!

But c'mon on.. yeah, c'mon now..

Yeah baby c'mon.. uhh, c'mon..


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