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The Mysterious Hanger - текст песни

The Mysterious Hanger

Um, excuse me teacher

I've gotta go to the recycling toilet

I'm gonna let them take over the story from here (All clear)

It begins with the superstar addressing her duplicant army

In a mysterious hanger


My darling, you are so beautiful and dutiful

I'm superstar, life maker, soul breaker, hit maker, love taker

Don't you mess around with me

Ten thousand superstars, I'm getting out my claws

Ready to break all the laws, I told you I was the best there was

Each duplicant think of ten celebrities

These will be your personal enemies

Take away their jobs and give it to me

We're gonna be the only celebrity

Then we can always be there for the photo shoot, the movie role, the recording

The clothing line, the perfume, the adori, my ratings and chart positions soring

Don't want a two thou for this happiness

Anyway, settle for the best you have

You are all equal, but some more equal than others

My sequel, but you are not people

No free wills, no thrills, no gettin' ill

Unless it's ill meaning ill, not ill meaning sick

Quick, everybody line up, no time to think

Get the branding ink

You will be burned a number with my brand CC

Now duplicants, listen to me

Every reality show, movie role

Every famous job must be filled with one of my clones

Superstar food, superstar books

Everybody copy superstar looks

Like the hook this year, makin' my money off the book this year

But let's be clear

If you descent you'll be sent to the vent

Emptied and shelved, soul in the hole

Here are the rules and did I mention, there is no exception

Come on baby, don't you love me

When you see me, don't you love me

Come on baby, don't you love me

When you see me, don't you love me

Ugh, shut up duplicants, listen up

Your weight will fluctuate to more than one tenth of an ounce

Your songs will bounce in count

Your feelings are not allowed and you are my slaves so don't make a sound

You will not fall in love unless it's a career ?

Learn the art of snoozering, pandering me and glandering, I'm very demanding

Excuse me, what's that over there

Me getting old, cease her, zap her soul

Dolly I want a refund on my clone, you gots to go

Off to the vent you go (no, no) go! (no, no!)

I'm gonna conquer the world, meaning the United States and it's outskirts

So good it hurts, can you see the perks

And for every other star it's only gonna get worse

My voice play all on every music station in every nation

Including the tiny colony on Mars, merchandise on all liveable stars

On every channel on TV, movin' pictures of me

Virtual vid game screens on magazines, and direct connect dreams

Now I can be everywhere it seems

I will not be a household name

I will hold the household, hold the pot and pots of gold

Lots to go, I gots to roll

And once more, when I'm winnin' the world game

The word 'fame' will never know what hit it

Let's go bad girls we in it to win it

Let's go you bad bad girls

Bad girls NYC

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