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M.A.D. - текст песни


Drug nation, we know no denial

We are fuckin drug addicts, ha ha!

Don'tcha? Yes! Don'tcha? Yes!

Don'tcha? Gotta do it - Kurt Cobain!

Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll

Gave a little X, and I got some stroll

Can't tell I lit this roach it's too hot to hold

Turn that up, that's the Countin' Crows

Hy-dro, let's abuse it

Oh, no, that's techno music

Homos and sex abusers

Slow mo', hit the exit duty

A pill, bitch, and a room

Condom biz, takes balloons

Ass, tits, acid

Pass it (that's it!)

Puff, puff, and pass

(Puff, puff, and pass!)

The motherfuckin blunt that's stuffed with hash

Don't make me have to punch yo' ass

Mom and Dad! (I smoke weed)

Mom and Dad! (I do blow)

Mom and Dad! (I take E)

Mom and Dad! (I bang hoes)

Oh Mom and Dad! (I sniff paint)

I've been bad! (I drink 'gnac)

Don't be mad please! (I jerk off)

Mom and Dad! (I smoke crack)

My mind ain't where I left it last

I got an F in class; in fact, eff this class!

Why they call this a special class?

I'm gon' press an ass, not test to pass

I do what I want, I'm tired of bein bored

Pass the Corona and turn on some porn

Hand me an ambi' and I start snorin

And don't say it's too early in the mornin!

I'm horn dog but bad to the bone

Slick talkin teacher give me ass, I'm alone

Here, take these pills and pass 'em along

I don't wanna die in my casket alone

If I'm a gat in a room with a hand full of 'shrooms

Morpheus, I took the red and the blue

(Don't do drugs) No more

(Don't do drugs) No less

(Don't do drugs) Without me

(Don't do drugs!)

That's Kid Rock's advice, Tupac alike

With a pregnant nun, dick slobbin dyke

(Aw come on Proof, man that ain't right!)

Man fuck you Salam, it's hip-hop for life

I'm a cutthroat killa with a butter knife

Man I got the dick that your mother likes

Aiyyo Mom and Dad

Thanks a million for raising me bang up job Dad

You left when I was 5 dickhead!

Yo, I got a secret for you Mom

I don't even like going to those family reunions

I just go there to bang my cousins

That's it, you think I like playing volleyball?

I'm lookin at their asses Ma

I'm tryin to knock up one of my cousins Mom

Yo Pop, I think you're a fuckin homo

Hey thanks for payin for my college, I'm learnin a lot

I'm learnin a million, I'm learnin a bunch of shit

Like how to put rufees in chicks drinks and fuck 'em in the face

Look for me at teabag.com bitch

Thanks Mom, thanks Dad you're great

Hey Proof, thanks for gettin me on the fuckin record

Pssh, college, I never been to college

Community college what?

I gotta say somethin else, what?

Fuck it, I'm done...

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