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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » P » Prophet Posse
After Dark - текст песни

After Dark

[Juicy J]

At the Dub we gettin buck

Comin like a lightning struck

Cockin back the chrome at the ??

Bitches say I'm fakin it

Players playa hatin it

We can trade words or get in some gangsta shit

Aint the type of nigga that be comin up and then fall

Keep a couple of nines in my drawls when im at the mall

When I'm at the club in the tub for a rub a dub

Even at the church cause ??

True to the ground yea I'm down for my fuckin crown

Straight from the north side of town with the gangsta frown

Evergreen niggas brought the clown cause we bull n shit

With the prophet posse and the whole fuckin triple six

Killa Klan Kaze in the party with the evil hottie

Like collecting guns just for fun stackin dead bodies

If you think I'm all rap and just a coward on the floor

Turn your fuckin nuts and bring it out the front door, ho

[Chorus x2]

For the niggas who act like they hard

We won't hesitate to pull your whole cart

And all the hoods u bangin u slangin for u bar

Cause aint no tellin whats gonna happen after dark

Twelve o'clock, in the car, on the ?

Bout to bring it, to your door

I don't bar no bitch, or a nigga

I pull triggas, won't fight, i tright to hit ya

If you bigger, you gonna fall, or try to crawl

Then I ball on your face, with chrome rims, or black walls

Late at night, I'm super tight, stay out of sight

With a scope pointed at a car, with blue lights (blue lights)

You know what I mean, with the stripes run up on ya, like OJ Simpson

With a knife, on your wife, or your kids

Yea I did all the dirt, all by myself, split whigs

Put a body, dead body, body bags, zippin tight real tight

For the trash, then I laugh for the last, aftermath...hahahahahahahahaha

[Chorus x2]

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