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Bout The South - текст песни

Bout The South

Featuring Dayton Family
(Dayton Family)
Let's do this
Fuckin' killas
Prophet Posse
Dayton Family
Flip time
Miphia Style, Memphis
Down South, Gold Teeth
Gold D's Fuck you hoes
I pimp you bitches like I'm gold
I'm flossin like a bone
I'm shinin' like a motherfuckin dime
I'm a motherfuckin' playa
I'm a motherfuckin' playa!!!
Finish it nigga
I'm gonna touch your soul
Niggas we be cold
Make roll, fall, bitches, niggas, hoes
Kick it

(Dayton Family)
Come in for flip bitches we big
And plus we bout it
Nigga Paul we need that green
Can't live without it
Stop at the store
We scoop some more
And I'll be rollin
Dollars we foldin' on the strip grip is what we holdin'
Makin money, ain't shit funny
About these Mephis streets
Hookers get pimped from their head to their fuckin' feet
Walk in the Denny's countin them pennies
You didn't come too soon
Lookin for fuckin' hookers
Suck it in the bathroom
Step in the alley not no bally boys, these bitches strife
Better make that money for your pimp or he gonna take your life
Third street no choose your feet motel 61
Lookin for action so must tench action better have no gun
Catherine's on a hustle
So why you bitches wishin'
Now I'm on a mission
Ghetto ease
He with the vipor rollin 80 g's
Pullin' of key suck on these
And I'll just the trees

Chorus#1 x5
Set me up and get me up
I'm down to get ya
Hit'cha where we split'cha
Makin' sure the story fit'cha

(Dayton Family)
Life a bitch up in the south
Bog boody bitches
Got my dick up in their mouth
Pimped her to riches
Where you from
You make me cum
With your pussy lips
Walkin' strips
Shakin' your hips
That's where my money flips
Smakin' bithces these lazy bitches off that silky powder
Funky bitch
Nigga clean your ass
Jump in the shower
Cleam my pussy
And make my money fuckin' all these tricks
Suckin' dick fillin' in a pickup truck
No time to sit
Get your purse
Nothin worse
Than losin money hoe
You gone pay me
If you gotta be a hooker
With five toes
Sellin draws, lickin' these balls
Make me fall in love
Breakin' laws with pussy walls
Where you want it touch
Nigga I only
You the nigga plan to bone it
Than nascomponent
If you want it
Playa a joke up on it

Chorus#2 x5
My picture freeky
I can sleepy bust their head in public

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