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Im a Family Man - текст песни

I'm a Family Man

Hate was pushed away by sorrow
Now I'm just waiting for tomorrow
They will make my life a sudden end
Death is the punishment for me
I feel so lonely here
Memories are the only thing what remained

Hell is waiting now for me
There we'll meet again you'll see
You disappointed me so bad
So I shot a bullet in your head
I am in jail now
Waiting in my cold cell
To die

News - Radio, TV they call me the family man
Psychopathic killer - Or blood daddy from hell
But in the heat of the moment, don't you forget
I'm the type of guy who thinks his family
Has to be perfect eventually

Mary-Ann - She was my daughter and only sixteen years old when she died
Because she didn't listen to me - She listened to those rock'n roll bands
I caught her kissing this boy - In front of my door
These are the reasons why I ripped out the guts of that godless little whore

I'm a family man and I do what I can
To keep everything under control
I'm a family man

Angela - She was my wife and thirty five years when she died
Because she didn't understand me - She always supported Mary-Ann
She said this girl is old enough for having a boyfriend
This is the reason why I shot her down and made her sinful life an end

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