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Rap Killers - текст песни

Rap Killers

[Intro: Raekwon]
The Vatican, underground academy
Jazze Cuts, Skeezo, good looking
(Yo, Kay what up, let's go baby)

Nine silver Ferrari's, hard body
Moving through the town, with brown on us
Clowns don't love us, discussed and ropes on
The oath, the big mold bread, the stages is red
You never reapproach, bulletproof down in diesel shit
Lethal with the pen, the sequel, bitch
Rich will deceive you, flying at 90, the boss
Red Porsche, this the time when I get mine
I rhyme til I'm hoarse, good weather, caught in the cross
Break porcelain when I rap, it's only right
I flash on the source, extra my curriculars major
Register this, we miss you will die later
Caught in a bliss, this stormy weather winter hat
Moving in with Benz jackets and action
This is all about who get endorsed
This for stabbers, night time paper Mick Jaggers
Jag Benz Maybach braggers, caught up in the sport
Speak French and eat with the chimps, the underground academy
I rap rapidly and clap at the pimps
One shot'll blow a hostile's wig off
Me crafted by the mobsters, Vatican's blast ya shit off
I'm caught up in the level of largeness
Chef Oliver, a denny boy, getting money, we mob kids
Pushing through Paris, lavish lifestyle with no marriage
Only big Euro's, we hero's

[Chorus: Raekwon]
We them rap killers (come through the town, dunny move)
We them rap killers (fuck around with mine and you lose)
We them rap killers...

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