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Hungry - табы песни


Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:49:56 -0500
Frot ( тексты песен и аккорды на Tekst-pesni.ru ): Andrew Rogers
Subject: ./r/raiders/hungry.crd

(Barry Mann - Cynthia Weil)


Eb Bb C
/ . / . / . . . . . . .

Verse 1:

fuzz bass under verses:

F Eb
v v v v v v v v

F Eb F Eb
Girl you got this need to know what I'm all about
F Eb F Eb
There's something that you dig you can't figure out
Bb Ab [transpose fuzz bass accordingly]
Well, you wanna know what moves my soul
Bb Ab
And what ticks inside of my brain
Bb Ab
But I've got this need I just can't control, and it's
Bb Ab
A-drivin' me insane
I can't take it! Owww!

F Eb Bb C
[1: Because 2: Yes 3: 'Cause] I'm hungry for those good things, baby
F Eb Bb C
Hungry through and through
F Eb Bb C
[2: Well] I'm hungry for that sweet life, baby
F Eb [1,2: C 3: Bb C]
With a real fine girl like you

Link 1:


fuzz bass [4X, entering as shown]:

v v v v

I can almost taste it
It's sweet as wine

Verse 2:

There's a custom-tailored world that I wanna own someday
With a special place up high where we can stay alone you and me
Girl, I'm gonna have it all someday if you'll
Just hang on to my hand
If I break some rules along the way, girl, you
Gotta understand
It's my way of gettin' what I want now, 'cause I'm hungry

[repeat chorus]

Link 2:


(F) [fuzz bass plays eighth-notes throughout]
I can almost taste it now
Oh, it's sweet as wine
Ain't gonna waste it now
When it's finally mine


Eb Bb F
Gonna live each minute, fill the hours and days
Eb Bb F
'Til I've had my fill
Eb Bb F
Aw, girl, I'll be rollin' in it
Eb Bb F
Yes, yes, you know I will, yes I will, owww!

Guitar solo:

Eb Bb F
/ / / / / / / / [2X]

Eb Bb
/ / / /
('cause I'm)

[repeat chorus 2X; fade 2nd time]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

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