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Blind Wid The Science - текст песни

Blind Wid The Science

[Red 1]
I'm complex from my station I flex heads like a Hatian
Rockin the mic with solidification
My confederation is the Rascalz
With inspiration we were movin alien nations
Because all it takes is one bar like Mars
Possessed a spectatin emcee with the spirit of Jaws
Try to take mine you will find
Try to combine with your own but you can not clone the dark tone
One of a kind I'm all alone
I make the vowels high with em, with my words I bone
Apponents, as they perrish, I cherrish every moment
I bliff with the spliff, as I relish and consolement

You can't, he can't
Find, blind
You're left behind by my scientific mind


Beyond compare, will I dare
A glutton for punishment
You're starring so deeply
Cause of my hypnotic
Predicament you're in ... now
As I mention
Turns of abuse
Laughin, it's too late for a truce
I pass the physical all mentally
I got the chemistry
Them other's are history
When I shape em like geometry
So parallel my gram
You must be hittin with the third
Your visions ... blurred
Trapezoid and obscure by the right one
The Misfit, maverick, here's the light one ...
Two, three then you will see the
Subliminal message
When pros flow
By a morse code tactic
My advice, obstain from overuse
Please don't overdose, in soul
You'll needs a boost
Hooked like your sweet tooth
On a lyrical fountain-head
We'll learn sure the malnurished when I gets fed
Puttin kings in check, only true be fortold
I'm wrecking his fashion
By makin a statement with this tongue lashin
In ways you can't figure, is I be
Swingin a size 44 bat
Like a Louisville slugger
And when this ends
To the mound, I be the pitcher
Do you get the picture
It's time to substitute you for a pinch hitter

[Red 1]

I gotta get my bucks in for my million deductions
Of solitary thoughts finds a period of much, man
I bust when I feel it, gotta dust them
That is my custom, cause even on the mic your still hustlin
Your wrestling with a situation, you're learning a lesson
A new thing taught is considered as progression
For who is lustin my possessions
Book em a date with fate, and watch me serve em in a session
A state that is super keen, which includes
The ability for forseein which you can elude
I see every move but kinda act too soon
Like a typhoon, bring it to ya time at noon



I'm back for two, let me show you
How I threw this together
Watch emcess run as I mak em scatter
Hear this, you will fear this
Your arms they'll get graved out, it's a must
I burried us
So comprehend what I composed to scare foes

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