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Whats Real - текст песни

What's Real

she's strutting down the street

with a diamond necklace

the size of a dime

it looks real nice

when it shines

it lights up the world around her

but it's only in her mind

he's speeding up the road

in his red ferrari

goes so fast always in a hurry

what's the point if ya get dead in the scurry

you'll be leaving it all behind

what a shame it is (doesn't' have to be that way)

so lame it is (gonna have to pay to play)

a game like this (that's the way it is)

unless ya know

what's real

is the beauty inside your soul

what's real

is that everyone's gonna get old

what's real

is the time that you take to check in

not the sale of material things

they fade

and all you're left with is how ya feel

and that's what's real

she gotta go gotta fly

doesn't stop to kiss her kid

be good is all she said

as she's grabbing her keys and escaping her life

she said she'd be home soon but she lied

and her kid tells her friends at school

that her mom is really cool

smiles for the camera

gets her face in all the magazines

it's a superficial beauty scene

and they keep in touch (but she's such a lonely girl)

but it don't mean much (livin' in a lonely world)

cuz I heard her say (tryin to be brave she)

can't help her wondering


love each other while u still got time

tell your mother she's been on your mind

kiss your brother just cuz he looks fine

wear the red dress

love at first sight

put the top down

feel the sunshine


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