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Its Not About You - текст песни

It's Not About You

(feat. Simply E)

[Richie Rich]

Niggas say it was the gold links and the top shelf drinks

That had your ass stitched up, before ya switched up

Used to love a nigga, and then I crossed the game

Couldn't change, so now the scene remains the same

You wanna be hard, tuffy, but I know ya

Don't make me bring up all the shit I did for ya

Ya flip the script when ya hang with them hoes

You better quit woofin before you get a woopin

[Simply E]

I must admit I had your back from the start

I was your lady and my man you played the part

Of the big shot, the rich brother on the block

Anything I wanted you would by it on the spot

Diamond rings, gold chains and things

You showed me off right

Make the money, act funny

Is that the routine, oh it's how you wanna work it

Hoo-ride with your friends like I'm all on it

It ain't even that serious

I know a whole lot a brothers wanna get with this

It ain't all about you so remember this

Man make the money, money don't make the man


It's not about you baby, it's not about you baby

It's not about you baby, its not about you

It's not about you baby, it's not about you baby

It's not about you baby, it's not about you

[E and Rich talking]

Where you been?

What, where I been? Check this out, don't ask me no shit like that

First of all, how the fuck you gonna act,

comin at me with some of that bullshit

[Richie Rich]

Art and Link let her, should've told you better

If it ain't about me, the shit ain't G

Do you understand, what I do, is what I do

And why I do, what I do to you

Is other business, so shit don't get it twisted

You mixed it up so now I got to fix it up

Hate when a nigga get to chin checkin

Straighten that ass up in ten seconds

Can't bust a move, if your hair ain't hit, nails ain't hit

New boots, tryna look cute

Girl I made you, and I can unplug the switch

Never ever cross the Rich

You bite the hands of the feeder, and see how quick you lose weight

And still them small dudes you date

You fuckin 'round with them losers, and now you ain't on your toes

I told you 'bout them raggedy hoes


[Simply E]

I used to worship the ground you walked on

So glad I moved on, got my own thing poppin

Hoe hoppin, ain't quite Erica

I the woman, you the man, who's Tabitha

Who's Jessica, Kimberly and Keisha

You was the bomb-diddy, now you just a piece of my memories

You and me, child please

Double R you's a star, ooh, now you wanna act up

Throw ya hands up like you wanna fight somethin

My crew'll run up in ya spot like it ain't nothin, name callin

In an hour you'll be crawlin on your knees beggin 'please, baby baby, please'

[Richie Rich]

When I found you, you was a puppy with no collar

Believe I raised ya, and taught you 'bout the dollar

Cartier par 've, was the shit we stroke

Whole slabs of crab, so fat, remember that

It's off the hook, and now your ass is gone

See ya later gator, you still fuckin with them haters

Used to ride big body with the chrome shit

But now you busy eatin lunch with the homies


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