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Niggas Done Changed - текст песни

Niggas Done Changed

Featuring 2Pac
Ah me and my nigga 2Pac
Finna do what we do
Understand this
'Cuz it's way understandable
Niggas done changed main
You know they done changed they done changed!
Check this out

[Richie Rich]
A tisket a tasket my callico made to blast it
And niggas don't make it home when fuckin' with my dome
In my zone niggas be gettin' pepper sprayed down
Drinkin' with all the boys done got that heffer laid down
And it hurts, but don't nothin' change, it's all the same
That's why I come real 'cuz I'm so heavy off in this game
I been there, been taught that, niggas screamin' "Caught that!"
Standin' there with them niggas a hand fulla game and believe he bought
Niggas here, the game is to be sold not told
Ain't no new jack nigga just gon' jump in this ol' shit, and ride on gold
Unh-uh, naw, nigga gotta pay some dues
Nigga gotta feel some blues
See what it feel like to lose
200 bundles, 400 bundles, fuck it, a G
'bout to cook shop, find out you really ain't got no d
You's imaginin' shit, and havin' money punk is real
Don't be the first to get checked
Nigga betta retrospect

No more regular rappin'
Dare me to cap 'em and watch me blast
These niggas be actin' for the simple fact, playa im'a mash
I lash on my enemies for multiple centuries
Forcin' my adversaries to bleed when they seein' me
Though east coast born, I'm west coast raised
Sent so much dick throughout the click that now they Deathrow slaves
Father forgive me for thug livin', I'm through with this drug dealin'
I leave with the click and all the niggas that love prison
Brothas be ballin', bitch if need me, call
I open fire on muthafuckas and murder 'em all
Me Mr. Makaveli, plus I'm bustin' fuck what they tell me
I'm makin' these niggas hop on they toes, it happen daily
I been shot and murdered, can tell you how it happened word for word
But best belive, that niggas gon' get what they deserve
In the same way, God bless my breakas game pays
Gettin' cash and ass for days
Now niggas done changed

Chorus[Richie Rich & 2pac]
The game is to be sold, not told
Still heavy in this game
Niggas done changed, it ain't the same
We been handlin' our business for years
Gettin' respect from all our peers
While most of our niggas incarcerated, doin' years
Bitches is tricky, niggas is snitchy
While playas improve and move positions
Niggas done changed

[Richie Rich]
Call on my real nigga, when it's time to bring the heat
Suburban's servin' hella deep down your street
Leave your trash can 'cuz it'll be clean when we sweep
Let's duff these niggas and hit they ass with some heat
Blow they chest up, 'cuz they hatin' and segregatin'
Niggas crossin' lanes, it's time to blow your brains
Before I shot this nigga, I heard him scream one love (ONE LOVE!)
Fifteen in the clip, I only used one slug

Hey! Now picture me rollin'
Biggie Smalls got his eyes swollen
My hands on my nuts, I gives a fuck, I'ma die holdin' 'em
Makin' these hoes pause, while schemin' on no drawers'
No money and ball, down to pussy, dick, and alcohol
Picture me rollin' (what) corny hoes get they holes dug
I might show 'em thug passion but I'll never show 'em love
Can't hit me in combat, relentless when I ride
Strategize on my enemies, plottin' till they die
Ask me why I'm high, and my reply "Till the day I die"
Don't wanna picture this cold world through sober eyes
Thugs don't die we multiply
Connect with the spirits of fallen homies and bustas, then we ride
Suprise niggas when they seen us, they duck down
(Hahahaha) 'cuz we anticipated endo and bust rounds
Fuckin' clowns still watchin' clips of I Get Around
Scream like a bitch when I beat 'em down
Niggas done changed


Outro[Richie Rich & 2pac]
And they still changin'.
Understand what I'm sayin?
I don't understand that.
Niggas done changed, muthafuckas gettin' 60 years for some bullshit.
Nigga, naw what I mean?
Niggas done changed.
Ah, glad to have you back.
That's right big buddy, 'cuz we ain't gon' never change.
They my homie for a second but these muthafuckas ain't gonna never hold me
Down, baby.
Check this out.
Thug life, baby.
Fo' sho'. Me and 'Pac.
Now we got muthafuckas in the house, fool.
With the nigga Rick Rock.

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