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Kilgary Mountain - текст песни

Kilgary Mountain

Roger Whittaker - Kilgary Mountain

As I was a-walkin' 'round Kilgary Mountain

I met with Captain Pepper as his money he was countin'

Sayin', "Stand and deliver, for I am the bold deceiver"

Musha rig um du rum da

I rattled my pistols and I drew forth my saber

Whack fol the daddy o

Whack fol the daddy o

There's whiskey in the jar

The shinin' golden coins did look so bright and jolly

I took 'em with me home and I gave 'em to my Molly

She promised and she vowed that she never would deceive me

When I was awakened between six and seven

But the devil's in the women and they never can be easy

The guards were all around me in numbers odd and even

I flew to my pistols, but alas I was mistaken

For Molly's drawn my pistols and a prisoner I was taken

For robbing Colonel Pepper on Kilgary Mountain

But they didn't take my fists so I knocked the sentry down

They put me into jail without judge or writin'

And bid a fond farewell to the jail in Sligo town

Now some take delight in fishin' and in bowlin'

And others take delight in carriages a-rollin'

But I take delight in the juice of the barley

And courtin' pretty girls in the morning so early

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