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The Tame The Half-born - табы песни

The Tame The Half-born

Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 10:39:34 -0600
Frot ( тексты песен и аккорды на Tekst-pesni.ru ): Kevin Fredrick Cumming
Subject: CRD: h/hawkins_ron/the_tame,_the_half-born,_the_wild_and_you.crd

The Tame, The Half-Born, The Wild and You
Ron Hawkins
album: The Secret of my Excess

transcribed by Kevin Cumming

intro: G Am Em C x2
NOTE: When playing Am in the intro, start off with the B string open and
then hammer on the 1st fret for the same sound that Ron has.

G Am Em C
If Carolyn called me up today I'd hang up the phone and walk away
G Am C D
It's not that I don't care anymore but time changes locks on a lot of
Em F Am D
And I know what you're thinking and it's true
Em F Am D
Sometimes there is nothing you can do
G Am Em C
But there's a time that I recall a purple street in Lisbon
G Am C D
She was speaking dreams to me and I thought I was listening
G Am Em C
But I was fifteen yards away before I felt the distance
G Am C D
She cried in Augusta street and stared into the windows
Em F Am D
And I know what she's thinking and it's true
Em F Am D
Sometimes there is nothing she can do
C G Am
Carolyn is tamed...
All those years and all those tears
Cuddling her insecure
And shaking like a child and feeling helpless
But maybe I share the blame

G Am Em C
Peter has a fan club he's a whiskey hating Christian
G Am C D
And he's in love with everyone as long as they keep listening
Em F Am D
And there's a hole in my old faith where he belongs
Em F Am D
But, the whole of me has never been that strong
C G Am
Peter is half-born...
With one foot in and one foot out
A princess on a barstool
Anarcho- Commun- Liberat- ingratiating stranger to me now


G D F Em
G D F Em

G D F Em G D F Em
Close friends and passerby love affairs and suicides
Am C D Am C D
Sex and drugs and crash n' burn decisions politics and prostitute
Am C F Em C
Fucking at the movies or fighting in the street

G Am Em C
Christopher's a scapegoat cause he lives like a poem
G Am C D
And they want explanations but I just want to know him
G Am Em C
Not for what he claims to be or what they say he isn't
G Am Em D
Just because he's got the balls to make his own decisions
Em F Am D
And sometimes the pain he's feeling is so real
Em F Am D
Sometimes that is all I need to feel
C G Am
Christopher is wild...
With fire-escape guitar afflictions
Different lives but shared addictions
Late night taxi, Frank Black happy birthdays
And blood-pact butchers knives

G Am Em C
Amsterdam, the sex museums and the New York City subway
G Am C D
Vancouver in November, and Montreal on Monday
G Am Em C
We'll get a fix in Union Square we'll drop at C.B.G.B.'s
G Am C D
And if we can't find salvation there, we'll stay home and watch the t.v.
Em F Am D
And I'll be your disciple if you'll be mine
Em F Am
And we'll make love in the moaning summertime
C G Am
Cause you are beautiful...

G 320033
Am x02210
Em 022000
C x32010
F 133211
D xx0232

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