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Dont See us - текст песни

Don't See us

[Featuring Dice Raw]

[Black Thought]
Uh, what what, yo yo P-5-D uncut
Check it out, yo yo, S-P uncut
Yo yo, what P-5-D uncut, yeah yeah it's that Philly shit
Yo yo, check it out, yo yo

Chorus 2x

Chorus [Malik B]
You Don't See Us, but we see you
You stuck on sleep, get on your P's and Q's
Cuz you will get crept, wit no discrept
You know the rep, we keep the flows in check

[Black Thought]
Mesmerizing, state of the art caffeine
It's over head like Omniverse screen
I'm not the average savage that curse queens
I'm something from his worst dreams
First we handling first things, I'm subsurface un-seen
Grat'll hold planet by purse strings
MC's are earthlings, not built to hurt things
Speakin the words of weaklings, nothin but sweet things

[Malik B]
Man each world, it ain't no time to recline
Act up, get clapped up, my mind is the nine
Shine like jewels that spark, swimmin wit sharks
Never caught speakin to NARC's, that's weak in the parks
I'm the type to sit back and analyze the prize
Grip it up and flee the scene wit a different disguise
Take a detour, I be all that I can be whore
Talkin to this *bitch* life, had to make her my wife
Live twice, got seven more lives to live
I'm all out, takin things to the fullest extent
Help me get it down and we can split one-hundred percent
Run a rapper through a maze like a experiment
Word up, you know the legendary Roots crew, yo

Chorus 2x

[Dice Raw]
The Raw Dice rise like a creature from out the swamp
Wit my blood-thirsty clergy that's on the hunt for conk
Who pumps your heart, I made you wanna rhyme from the start
You should be more alert, then you wouldn't get hurt
Get off your horse and on your P's and beware
Of images you seein, did deceiving, you're scared
And even more shook up than the scenes that's near
I'm Dice Raw, sting the inside of your mouth like a cold sore
Who wanna piece, well it's Round One, let's begin
I got a gun that's don't bust, it just suck niggaz in
I got shit that'll have you beggin me to shoot ya
I'm the professor, you rock a dunce cap, go get a tutor

[Black Thought]
Yo, Okay Computer, Radiohead's knock to the
Future Shock like Kurtis, at your service
None other than, the Fifth governing playin the cut again
Y'all clueless to what the fuck is up again
Yo, hard times and sufferin
What, my peoples in the crevices strugglin
'Nuff of them ?untie? soldier thespian
But I'm from the next e-on, supreme being that's unseen for MC'n

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