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The Adventures in Wonderland - текст песни

The Adventures in Wonderland

Featuring Ursula Rucker
[Ursula Rucker]
Fuck.. kill.. and prosper
Is the gospel of Wonderland, where
Street sands, are quick..
To suck you down to the abyss
With the lure of pure bliss if you kiss the dicks
Of the niggaz? Never.. Nosferatu's
Those witches and warlocks in blue
Government gumshoe, keepers of the First Zoo
Who? .. Me? ..
I'm the modern day vixen vampire slayer
Unauthorized player, in the capitalist contest
To see who "Gets Money"
No milk and honey, in this land
Cause justice has been banned
So it's play dirty or die by the hand
That's holding all the guns
Plunged, deep into religion was my first decision
To save me and my daughter's lives, but
I can't thrive off spirit and scripture
The picture grew clearer; I made the move to rear her
In a life wanting for nothing
So I got into this drug thing
Not doing, but dealing
Sealing fates and, healing struggle gaped, wounds
Of the doomed became my mission
Izm was just too small time
I had to find the best design to
Fuck with the massive motherfuckers minds, and pockets
So I sold ? kits and, alleyway thigh splits for two bits
And, five year old preschool pussy
And, once strong now bony backs and stretched out
Weary racks of snatch, in other words..
.. I sold crack
Morality was buried deep, beneath the new Jeep,
Silk sheets and money heaps
Still the good mother, I sent my daughter off to
Boarding school to keep shit under cover
All the while envisioning myself, a champion of ghetto causes
Plus his, game I was playing, and winning
While sinning, against myself and soul to get the gold
I was the Female Don, the Crack Queen
To me I seemed unstoppable, my coffers full
I went buckwild, wanting more
Like the pipe worn whores I began to deplore
No time for playing with my coochie
Counting my man's mad lucci
While he was up inside some hoochie's loose piece
I signed the checks and, I counted out the cash
Wasn't saving ass for no niggaz sent upriver
I thought my shit was tight..
.. til my empire started to quiver
Taking every chance, under surveillance, being listened to
And watched, like Assata Shakur
My place on the top was no more sure
Loose lips flipped the script
The fantasy trip, swiftly ended
It took no time to blend in, with the population prison
My jaded vision, busted like a cherry
Every, dream I had, now tainted bad
I fucked and, I killed, to prosper
Upheld each tenant, of the ghastly gospel
Shift to a different Wonderland to pay the price for my vice
A land of fields to toil in like slaves
No lillies in this field just plenty of souls to save
Plenty of fat uniformed rats with
Below average size cocks that slither
Through cell locks, in the night
Lactating tits being licked, left and right

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