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...And Now Back To Our Programming - текст песни

...And Now Back To Our Programming

Phillip Morris and R.J. Reynolds kill every single pack

McDonald's sues London Greenpeace for presenting the public with the facts

Disney expands its international market with help from the CIA

Coors uses consumer support to help finance the KKK

Ending oil protests with executions Nigeria belongs to Shell

Pepsi dealt with the oppressive regimes in the Phillipines to build another Taco Bell

General Motos creates competition with their "whipsawing" tactics role

Dupont alone is responsible for four percent of the ozone layer hole

Public opinion lobotomized

Civilized bloodbath

Smoke screen security

Civilized bloodbath

Populations prioritized

Civilized bloodbath

Third-world trophy

Civilized bloodbath

Texaco's diseased people of the Amazon and Indonesia

Vivisections performed by Gillette and Unilever

Walmart moves in to monopolize and rape communities

Nestle is responsible for third-world deaths from baby bottle disease

Johnson and Johnson's anti-diarrhea-drops killed children in Pakistan

Chinese immigrant slave labor make Levis Dockers in Saipan

The FDA has approved irridating food for Vindicator

Forests are clearcut by Mirsubishi, Maxxam, and Stone Container

Civilized bloodbath

Civilized bloodbath

Civilized bloodbath

Civilized bloodbath

We all like to point the finger at the faceless company

But the corporation machine consists of people like you and me

By existing in this society we all share the guilt

We're all responsible for the misery the multinationals have built

We all add to the list of victims the companies compile

By believing any of us are innocent we're living in denial

We are all a part of the problem no matter how hard we try

We help to create these conditions with everything we buy

Public opinion lobotomized

Civilized bloodbath

Smoke screen security

Civilized bloodbath

Populations prioritized

Civilized bloodbath

Third-world trophy

Civilized bloodbath

The self-riteousness of judgement is something that no human being

has the luxury to pass. Every single one of us survive at the expense

of other living things. Although our very existence contradicts our

effects our struggle is still relevant in relieving the burdens that

we create, but our involvment is based on individual beliefs and

ambitions. Hope needs to be nurtured, compassion and understanding

will not grow out of scrutiny. Encouragement and tolerance is the

only way that activism will evolve from indifference.

(This was your life)

Conditioning is simple and you keep it that way

Ignorance is bliss when you stay stale and stagnant

Too old to care and too little to matter

Anarchy is now 9 to 5, wallet's a bit fatter

Once full of piss and vinegar now full of shit and dope

Freedom isn't easy I guess you couldn't cope

You gave into the pressure someone greased your hand

Just remain passive it's the safest place to stand

So to your feelings stay immune

And the bullshit they feed you, continue to consume


We've got ways of keeping you in line

Keeping you numb, dumb, and weak

Things to keep your mind off of us

So intimidated that you dare not speak

You fucking know that we police the street

We know who to watch, we know how to beat

We know what you do and where you go

We'll dress like you and go to your shows

To sell you the shit that destroys your brain

That you snort up your nose or shoot in your vein

We'll start a riot at your police brutality benefit

And keep it from spreading contain the threat

Until you destroy yoursevles, defeat yourselves,

Burn yourselves and kill yourselves

We'll put a McDonald's on every street

That's where you'll work, that's where you'll eat

For minimum wage, for student wage

For poverty and malnutrition

And we'll stock your grocery store shelves full of shit

And keep it open for a couple of years before we torch it

That's simply the way it's going to be so get used to it

Get used to it if you're going to take our shit

So don't try to protest or organize

Because we're too fucking strong, don't you realize

That we keep you fighting amongst yourselves, we keep you seperate

And without unity you'll be no threat

We keep pointing the finger at you and you

Never really knowing who turns the screw

And now you're trapped like a rat on a sinking ship

And it's sinking fast so get used to it

Get used to it you're going to take our shit

All you'll get is what we'll fucking let

Your college campus with your liberal views

An education or your head in a noose

And after you graduate where will you go

You'll have nowhere to live and nothing to show

Come put on a suit and come work for us

You'll become everything you hate and all you disgust

You'll forget who you were, what you did, and what you stood for

You'll be trapped in your office

You'll be trapped in traffic

You'll be trapped in your home

You'll be trapped in your church

You'll be trapped in your mind

Trapped like rats on the same sinking ship

Trapped again and getting used to it

And when you grow old with your husband or with your wife

You'll be used to it, you'll be used to it

And to think that your whole fucking life

You took our shit

Capitalism is responsible for the lifestyle you've enjoyed

Who cares about the people slain be thankful you're employed

It's not about comsumer choice, it's not about convenience

It's not about the billions made, it's all about indifference

So lay your trust upon us it's your quality of life we'll enhance

Realize the benefits and the fact that without us you don't stand a chance

We've built dependence upon a structure that you have to trust

So if you try to destory our system we're going to take you with us

The public relations industry studies our every move

Constantly advising corporations how they can improve

Their profits, their monopolies, their uncompromising growth

And how to beed the consumer for everything they're worth

Their wealth exists off of our labor and our willingness to consume

Manipulated by every medium the public just assume

That their innocent, unbiased forums exist solely to entertain

While the industries we work for are just out to reclaim

The wages they've paid us to produce the markets demands

Every cent we've ever earned makes it back into their hands

Enhancing their wealth, enhancing their claim, achieving their domination

Maintaining their power, maintaining their reign, they're gaining from exploitaton

Sacrificing humanity for the good of industry

Is the fault the result of them or our own stupidity

Do they possess that much influence over everything we do

Are the consequences of our actions ever really thought through

Do we truly understand how one person can make a difference

By developing individual thought free from outside interference

Our own struggle for survival comples us to drop it

Should our compassion be cashed in for profit

When you are the victim of your government's attack

It should only be natural to want to fight back

But when they've relentlessly progammed you your entire existence

We tried to make a difference but what have we actually achieved

Have we put up any obstacles or just helped them to succeed

Have we constructed any bridges or just built another wall

Have our beliefs and our ideals accomplished anything at all

Have we ever caused our leaders to change a single thing

Have we ever been a threat or just puppets on a string

Have we wasted all of our time painting pictures for the blind

While we've created isolation have we changed a single mind

Have we had enought sense to learn from our mistakes

Are we prepared for personal sacrifices no matter what it takes

Are we willing to work together putting differences aside

Or is compormise too much to rish damaging our pride

Do we have enough hope to still find trust in someone else

Do we have the compassion to fight the problems that don't directly affect ourselves

Have we ever stood a chance or have our efforts been naive

Have we bought into their lies of what they tell us to believe

It still is your option what path to choose

Don't let the only change yo make be in your views

Like if you can't fight everything why bother to try

You can learn from the hypocracies you used to deny

Is it all a charade or do you actually mean it

Do your ideals only surface when it's politically convenient

You're stuck in society's trap and although you're tryin to cope

If you can't change yourself, you'll lose more than just hope

So the next time you're down on your knees just remember

The plight of the oppressed ends with the oppressor

And if it's easier for you to live under that oppression

They they've already got you as their possession

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