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Someone to Love You - текст песни

Someone to Love You

Mmmm baby

I betcha that I can read your mind
Tell you everything you're going through
Baby I'll probably find
I found the reasons why you're alone
And acting so cold
Tell me how long you been this way
Maybe I can open up your heart
See I've been waiting all my life, for someone just like you
And I know, you've been waiting too
For someone to love you

All you need is someone who cares (someone to love you)
Someone who will always be there (mmmm)
All you need to say is that you want me to be with you
Girl I know you waited so long
For someone to love you

Baby I wish I could be there
For everytime you ever shed a tear
Baby I hate to see
A pretty girl like you going through
The things that you do, yeah
Girl I think you gone this far too long
Cause I'm the good man to make you smile
But how can I appeal to you, and make you understand
That I'm here, when you're ready for
Someone to love you


Baby you been waiting for the man from all the fairy tales
Or maybe just the man from all your dreams
Trying to think reality, explore the possibilities
Cause girl you know you've waited for so long
For someone to love you (you you you you you)

Waited oh so long


Die Texte der Lieder. Тексты песен - На сайте свыше 500 текстов песен.

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