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Lady Blue - табы песни

Lady Blue

e: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 22:37:28 -0700
Frot ( тексты песен и аккорды на Tekst-pesni.ru ): CLR
Subject: Submitting "Lady Blue" (Leon Russell)

I am submitting my interpretation of Leon Russell's classic ballad "Lady
Blue". Please let me know if you have any questions.

Lady Blue.Crd by Leon Russell

Recorded 1974
Released on Shelter LP - 'Will O' the Wisp'

Submitted by Mark Brier; Denver,Colorado
This is my best shot at this beautiful tune. I think it is correct, the only
questionable chord is the G7(+5)/F. If anyone has a better read on this chord,
let me know.

Lady Blue (Leon Russell)

Intro: Fmaj7//C11//Fmaj7//C11 (x2)

Well your showing me a different side
Dmin Amin
Even asked if our flame was dying
Bbmaj7 G-7
Your getting use to me baby
A7 Dmin7
You just wait and see lady
Bbmaj7 Gmin7
Cause I've been in love before
And I love you a whole lot more

Now if you want it to be real good to you
Dmin Amin
When I'm left here makin love to you
Bbmaj7 G-7
Listen real close to me babe
A7 Dmin7
I wanna get it straight right now baby
Bbmaj7 G-7 C11
Cause I'm loving you more and more and more
Lady blue

Gmaj7 A7(+11)
Sad baby, Blue lady sing me a love song (Texts of songs )
G7(+5)/F Gmaj7
I just want you to know, that I'm loving you more and more
and more...

(Sax solo)
Bbmaj7 / /C7/ /Amin7/Dmin7/Bbmaj7/Gmin7 C11/

Repeat verse one and end

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