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My Definition (ft.irishka) - текст песни

My Definition (ft.irishka)"

Frot ( тексты песен и аккорды на Tekst-pesni.ru ): Iskandar [email protected]

"Shoxrux - My Definition (ft.Irishka)"

Verse 1:
My definition of life
Is what we c, goin' on
Luv and hate, bringin tha world in a run
But i still try to achive
Tha best that i can from it all
Never tha less i c tha past
Coming over again and again
But time ticks as the waves
Beat tha shore
So it's time 2 move
And make a better way 2 stay
Fighting 4 tha right 2 survive
And make a better future there 2 stay
Just 4 u and me
So bring tha flavor on and on
2 da beat back hit me one more time
As a matter of fact get da vibe and flow
While i take u 2 tha next stop
Feelings are in motion, searching 4 tha answer
Keeping it real 4 that day 2 come
And 2 be tha only one 2 take u high above
And show u how i feel 4 u

Verse 1:
Life is on tha edge wake up and better fight
One luv 2 all tha people passing in this short time
One two better cheeck wit da mic up
Here me come again wit tha beat yo... cheeck it out
Used 2 hang out in the street wit friends
Time 2 get busy now making moves and tha cash
Ladi dadi, we like 2 party
We don't cause trouble and we don't bother nobody yo...
2 tha beat and tha flow here me come again
I miss u since u been away so long
I need u baby come back and stay
I need u in my life time and that's no fear
One and everybody get down 2 da track
Raise your hands up
So we could get down like this and like that and like this u know...
Don't stop moving 2 da track like that

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