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A Dream in The Light - текст песни

A Dream in The Light

Awake arise all you who slumber
Daylight is driving the stars from the sky
Every creature on earth one song (Texts of songs ) is lifting
From the crab in the tide pool to the petrel in flight
The dew on the grass is a river of silver
The sun on the hills is a veil of gold
Every day is a lifetime of fresh beginnings
Twenty-four untouched hours poised to unfold

So lay down your disappointment and yearning
Everything will be all right
You can't stop this big world from turning
But a dream need not fade in the light

Along the highway neon jewels
Lure us away from our chosen course
Always and again one moment of decision
Do I love myself or my addiction more?
Do not mistake stark fear for failure
Nor the darkness for the night
Though we search for the end of the rainbow
All we seek stands within our sight


Who was it told you you didn't deserve love?
Who was it told you you were never good enough?
Voices of the dead just delay and defeat us
Turn your face to the light that is lifting you up

In our ears humanity's clamor
Some we name enemy some we call friend
In both we see our flawed reflection
Lonely and frightened we pose and pretend
May the walls of our hearts soften and open
To comfort the stranger in hunger and pain
Inside every story the seed of understanding
Every leaf is its own but the tree is the same


Die Texte der Lieder. Тексты песен - На сайте свыше 500 текстов песен.

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