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It Wasnt me - текст песни

It Wasn't me

I need to ask you a question this thing that I heard it got me
Stressin I'm guessin baby comin to you for your confession if you
Did it then you best to tell me straight up cause what I heard
Completely over whelm me don't try to sell me then compell me
To be packin and gone or better yet I'll pack you up before the
End of the song (Texts of songs ) but if I wanted my complete apology you will see
This can't happen and you know that I don't to believe, that you
Will leave forever and let another woman recieve the love that you
You give me everyday I find it hard to conceive, but if its true
Then I'm have to tell you this is the end, I'll ask you once not
Again, was you f*ckin my friend
Your girlfriends lying baby, it wasn't me, your girl say I hit it baby,
It wasn't me, your girl wants to give it to me,she wants to give it
To me, she wouldn't stop until I let her come and do me do me
(repeat 1x)
Now let me tell you what she told me, she said that you was faking
And phony, my homie, acting like you don't even know me, saying time
And time again that you was leaving me lonely, riding my pony, and
This chic name Roni, tellin me the way you hit it when I left her the
Keys, talking bout the carpet burns that she received to the knees,
The multiple orgasms with the greatest of Eve, the way you enter
The way you had her screamin baby with a plea, and she was trouble
From the start when I met her that night, if I leave Dear John will
Be the letter you'll find, if you want her you can have her, it
Ain't better than mine, it'll be another man's game, it ain't
Better than mine
(chorus) repeat 1x
I know she lies, but the details were all to clear, and I know better
Than to run with everything I ear, trust was never probably for us,
It was perfectly clear, it's been like happily ever after the past
Two years, I know she wants you though, she said it the night we met,
Now she's taking drastic measures trying to see what she'll get,
She's fightin in a battle that she knows she'll never win, steppin
Down to a six when you're workin with a ten, wanna walk in my heels,
Wanna walk with my deals, wanna know how it feels I'm just being
For real, I take your word for it this time I'm stayin with you,
Make sure it never happen I ain't playin with you
(chorus) repeat 1x

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