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Baptism For Devlyn Alexandra - текст песни

Baptism For Devlyn Alexandra

[Intro #4]

God on the cross - is the fearful hidden meaning behind this symbol still

understood? - Everything that suffers, everything that hangs on the cross,

is divine... We all hang on the cross, consequently we are divine...

Christianity was a victory,a noble disposition perished by it - Christianity

has been up till now mankind's greatest misfortune

A January eve, the year XXX A.S.

Magick granted me a gift, that Lucifer blessed

A daughter born of darkness, and oh so divine

The next generation of the infernal bloodline

Devlyn Alexandra, the world is yours to indulge in the things you wish

Never submit to the righteous herds, my child may you "Do as thou wilt"

Skin white as snow, her eyes an endless sea

An unwarped newborn mind, without Christianity

Free to walk the path, remember left is right

Reap all of life's worth, young spawn of the night

Devlyn Alexandra, a new Satanic millenium awaits for you to behold

Use the tools given unto you, the creed being "Knowledge is power"

I baptize you in the name of Satan!

Hail Satan, rege Satanas, hail Devlyn, praise life

Hail Lucifer, ave Satanas, hail Devlyn, praise power

Hail Belial, rege Satanas, hail Devlyn, praise wisdom

Hail Leviathan, ave Satanas, hail Devlyn, praise strength

I lift the chalice and make a toast to this sacred time

Raise your hands into the sign of the horns, the Satanic Salute

Brothers and sisters we have honored this little witch

May the black flame of Satan forever burn in her veins

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