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Holdin Na - текст песни

Holdin' Na

(feat. C-Note)

[Verse One: Pimp C]

Going down,say bitch, tell me what you think about me?

I keep a bad yellow hammer bitch cooking G's

And I got a candy '84 on 3's

And I keep these R&B bitches on they knees

I pimp so hard I was fucking up the game

Nigga, you're a lame you ain't holding like Sweet James

They [??] on my phone, call me Sir Jones

Make a lot a money, so I keep the chrome

20's on the car, keep a pint of bar

Gripping on the wood, playing above the law

Hustlas, ballers, selling boys cane

Fuck y'all pussy niggas too, it's whatever y'all wanna do....do

[Chorus: Bun B]

Dollars, we foldin' na, slab, we rollin' na, bitches we controllin' na

Man, I'm Holdin na [x4]

[Verse Two: Bun B]

Man, I break the scene, way before I became a teen

Crushing boys on the boulevard from summer to spring

Music orientated, so when the rap game originated

I beat it like puzzle pieces, niggas could fade it

I made it to levels that other players only dream

Brought heat to the scene, make the on me cream

And my money went from green to poppin' chrome

Plus I Got my self a yellow jazzy (????) to bone

Got the home and the cars, got the plaques and the stacks

But mane back in the days, it wasn't nothing like that

Shit, I remember when at first they wasn't really with it

But they damn near shitted on themselves when we did it 'cause we holdin' na


[Verse Three: C-Note]

I'm holdin' na, big Benz looking swollen na

Because we young, they probably thinking that we stole it na

My papers' foldin' na, cigars, we be rolling na

And it's the whole third coast and we control it na

Down south we sippin' nothin' but bar

Four TV's in my cars, I'm a ghetto star

Chromin' blades on escaldes and parking lot pimpin'

We got these broads steady trippin' cause it platinum we shippin'

From Clover Land to PA (Port Arson) It be on for life

And if you fucking with them boys, you might lose your life

Niggas runnin' in your crib, you might lose your wife

And if we [???] at the light you might lose your ice

It's the C the N to the O-T-E

And you can crown me like a king, like my niggas UG

I put it down for [???] and that SUC

We hit the spots on all the blocks, we keep it H-O-T nigga we holdin' na


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