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Abigail Silk - текст песни

Abigail Silk

Abigail (Abigail)

Silk (Silk)

[VERSE 1: Andy C]

Now every day I been listening to "Love Supreme"

I mean I've fallen in deep like a submarine

I mean she's not a fashion model or the queen of the prom

Or a voluptuous blonde who hangs with James Bond

But she's got a confidence that caught my eye

And I'm drawn like a pawn but I don't know why

So I asked her over to have a soda

She just laughed and said, "No, Casanova"

And when I asked why she blew a kiss back with that

Smile that could light up a room that was pitch black

Movin slow like a rotary phone, she made it known

I'm not a wild oat to be sewn

So I'm always on my toes and that's part of the vibe

I find her physically attractive but it's hard to describe

She could be vanilla coffee or chocolate milk

But words fail when it comes to Abigail Silk

[VERSE 2: Dizzy Dustin]

I met her at the ice cream truck on my block

She bought a snow cone and a Astro Pop

I ordered a buttercup but I didn't have enough

I asked her for a nickel and she gave me a buck

I said how could I repay you, you saved the day?

Let's hit a matinee and I pay your way

She said she'd love to, but in the same breath

She said she couldn't and I'd have to take a rain check

Well, I guess she just killed that

And just to save face I gave her the dollar bill back

But she said the money wasn't a loan

Then she kissed me on my cheek but she dropped her cone

So I gave her mine and I walked her home

Put her number in my memory but lost her phone

And I haven't seen her since but if you do

Tell Abigail to come through (tell who)

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