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Can You Feel It - текст песни

Can You Feel It

(feat. Popa Chief)

Word up, word up...


Hear yee, hear yee

Uncle Sam, Stone Creek

For the 9's

Word is bond

I hope you paid your taxes

'Cause it's time to bring the ruckus

That's what's up

Yo Sam, bring it on

[Uncle Sam]

I'm gonna steal your love from your man

And put it in my pocket

Turn your heart around

Never let you down

And then I'm gonna knock it

For all you do, this bud's for you

And give you almost everything you want

Just enough to please you...


Are you down?

Can you feel it?

I need to know now

What you feel

I got love girl

Can you feel it?

There's no need to hide

If it's real

Pop a little Cristall

Even though I don't drink at all

Put your mind in a vibe

Make you feel all funny inside

Hey, no need to worry

'Cause I won't hurt you

('Cause I won't hurt you)

Just wanna give you all the feel-goods you deserve

Girl I'm gonna be the one

To make this night a night you won't forget



[Popa Chief]

Popa Chief threw the stone in the Creek

Can I tempt your tummy

With the taste of nuts 'n honey

Can I be your playboy

You can be my bunny

Take all my money

Treat me like a dummy

And in the morning, wake and rub me on my tummy

Tickle my fancy, and guess what

I'll tickle you back with something lacey

I'll massage and crack your back

The roughneck chicken needs a roughneck chickadee

The question of the day, is you down with me?

Time ticks, just me and you on the miss'

Grant your every wish

Be your favorite dish, plus dessert

Doesn't matter what time when I do work

Perform like a one man concert

Here's the plan

Pop in a tape of Uncle Sam

Then I'll show you how nice I am

'Bout to make your mate insanely jealous

And if he don't like it, he got to find us to tell us

[1: to fade]

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