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A Horse Named Bill - текст песни

A Horse Named Bill


I had a horse, his name was Bill

And when he ran, he couldn't stand still

He ran away, one day And also, I ran with him

He ran so hard he couldn't stop

He ran into a barber's shop

He fell exhausted, with his teeth In the barber's left shoulder

Oh I went out into the woods last year

To hunt for beer and not for deer

I am, I ain't A great, sharp shooter

At shooting birds, I am a beaut

There is no bird I cannot shoot

In the eye, in the ear, in the finger

In Frisco Bay there lives a whale

And she eats porkchops by the bale

By the hatbox, by the pillbox, by the hogshead, by the schooner

Her name is Lena, she is a peach

But don't leave food within her reach

Or babies, or nursemaids, or chocolate ice cream sodas

She loves to laugh and when she smiles

You just see teeth for miles and miles

And tonsils, and spareribs, and things to fierce to mention

She knows no games so when she plays

She rolls her eyes for days and days

She vibrates, she yodels, and breaks the ten commandments

Oh wheat can you do in a case like that

Oh what can you do but stamp on your hat

Or on an eggshell, or a toothbrush, or anything that's helpless

(Collected by Sandburg)

to Dixie

filename[ HORSEBIL



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