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211-187 - текст песни


[Chorus: U.N.L.V.]

211s at night 187s in the day light

Nigga we just don't give a fuck

211s at night 187s in the day light

Nigga we just don't give a fuck

[Verse One: Lil' Ya]

Nigga's be try'na rep and some fool's

Be try'na buck but Lil' Ya that type of

Nigga that just don't give a fuck

But Nathan and if you hatin' then

You's a hater but I'm straight out that three

So how the fuck you gonna fade her

Soldier with a heart made of steel

Like my nigga B, I handle business on the real and

Then I chill make my rounds, pick up my car from

My bitches cuz I be hittin' 'em regular like

Dre be hittin' his switches

Clockin' my riches as I stroll through my hood

Puffin' on a blunt givin' love where it's all good and

For you nigga's who ain't go no love

I ain't got no love for you chumps

Cuz I'm a smoke 'em and choke 'em

Like a Philly Blunt

Yeah, I'm gettin' my grove on

I'm ready to move on

To another level rob some nigga's or

Whatever I got big nut's

I got a big heart like I said it's been that way

Since fuckin' start, you know me from my

Fuckin' crew, you know what I'm bound to do

I got a pit, I'm ready to spit,

I'm ready to serve to uhh!


[Verse Two: Yella Boy]

I even got's the boogy bangin' at'cha

Grab my Zookie if I have to

Daze you up like Daz

I don't give a fuck like Kurupt

I'm dismantlin' MC's that come against me

Me and the Tecster in broad day light

We comin' to do thee fuck it

Of course, I'm a show no remorse

Don't mean the boss, I never forget hoes

[Verse Three: Tec-9]

I'm gettin' skiet like that, I'm slippery like ease wax

I chop ya down, like a disciple, with my riffle

As if a white boy you disrespected my a-gender and

Called me a nigga

[Verse Four: Yella Boy]

I'm dumpin' you bitches out like Boss Hog

I don't give a fuck about y'all

You don't know what I would do to you

But I know what'cha will do to you

I would serve you, I would fuck clean over you

[Verse Five: Tec-9]

Y'all know that I'm back

Like brand new wax on brand new Cadalac's

I'm mourin' I'm yawnin' plus I just

Lost my equipment bag

[Verse Six: Yella Boy]

Sweatin' like a Zoo-Loo to do you

It's best you fuckin' scram

I'm a champion I'm dumpin' on 'em

I'm actin' a motherfuckin' donkey on 'em


[Verse Seven: LIl' Ya]

I'm bout to do a jack

I got on all black

In my hand lies a tool that

I call my Mack

It's like my best friend cuz when

I spin the bin it don't get jammed

Bullet's chargin' like a ram

You bet's believe when them hollow's hit'cha

You goin' in pocket bitch, you better drop it

One nigga tested my nut's he had the nerve to flex and

On his arm was a Rolex, He flinched for

His gat that was stashed in his suit coat

I had to show him, I had to fuck over him

Stunt a fuckin' lick of that hit and it was on

Then I put the key's on the lab and

Niggas started pushin' slab's

My pocket's started gettin' swole

My knot has thickened

That's how it is when

Nigga like Ya, is flippin' halves to

Quickers, Quarter Bird's, to Bird's

Keep a brew full of rock's

Cuz my bitch need a serve,

Uploadin' kilt, puttin' in clip's at the

Same time, beatin' you nigga's down

With my bat if I ain't got that iron

Leave yo Mama cryin' why you shot my only son

Gave him three to the head, smoke a blunt now I'm done

Give me a bag of that helllo, and snort it up my nostril

Drain got me loose as a goose and I wanna shot

We put in work, doin' dirt everyday

It's twelve noon, let's go get somebody

To buy some yae, can't be no miner

Got to be a Big Tymer, because I''m down to

Pill a couple of cap's and get these nigga's out they snap's

Cuz I'm

[Verse Eight: Tec-9]

You bitches don't know the fuckin' size of this shit

I'm on the rise with this shit

See tommorow, the fuckin' clip bitch

2-2-6 my boy's comin'

Mag-11 hollow tip's nigga

Better start runnin'

When I start comin' up the block

With my glock like a mad man

In a mad rage face is caught on the front page

Let them bitches catch me down bad

With my 12-gage

[Verse Nine: Yella Boy]

You despise, why I'm up in disguise

Now you paralyzed plus you realize

To stop playin' with me

My click is quick to let them bullet's fly

Click ya fuckin' self ya bitch you

For you get downed


We droppin' 'em stop playin' with me

Stop playin' with me

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