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3rd Ward Court Date!! - текст песни

3rd Ward Court Date!!

[Verse One: Tec-9]

It all started in the streets at the age of ten

I started hangin' out late snatchin' purses with my friends

I went solo one day on St. Charles you see

Lookin' for a white lady that was peepin' id

I see one in sight skin was white as a duck

She just don't fuckin' know I'm bout to show her boo-koo love

I'm bout to beat her up so I asked the hoe the time

She looked down and broke her crown she bent down

Stupid clown I jetted with her purse and I hear some

Gangster's whisper found slug and some coke

That was stashed by a bush bill twenty worth of coke

With a snug I'm feelin' hard I'm eighty strong from the third

I scored a fuckin' quarter jetted quick down to Fossil

So I slipped now I'm caught

[Chorus: Yella Boy]

Until I used to rap rap rap

Rap shit everyday now the name of

My rap is third ward court date

I used to rap rap rap

Rap shit everyday now the name of

My rap is third ward court date

[Verse Two: Tec-9]

Three cops and I'm caught I can't believe

They got me locked down up in this place

My first offense and I caught myself a murder case

Parish Prison Blues gave me no time to choose

I either get myself a knifer or be taken by yo lifer

Shit my woman still sendin' me money

Thinkin' I'm a come back home

I like to think that way but evidence shown

Prints plus a murder weapon

I'm up shit creek watchin' for vanish on the proud

Got me losin' sleep I'm gettin' lots of letters

But I don't give a fuck I'm stuck like Chuck and she

Wouldn't put the house up

Will I get probation?

Or will I get free? I'm facin' the court date

My destination is the three

[Chorus: Yella Boy]


[Verse Three: Lil' Ya]

Layin' in my cut thinkin' of a deaf rhyme

Got to make it short because I don't have a lot of time

I'm seein' old gee's from the past

Smart like a motherfucker I wonder how they last

Niggas had fades, and bushes and shit

Just like on the street the third was runnin' it

You couldn't step close to the blue

Like Jefferson said Ya fat I thought you knew?

Here again with the Juror food for days that's what

The motherfucker kept I'm chillin' in lower nine

With my mind on my money and my money on my mind

Ced on parole he's in the house with a boot in his mouth

Boot up back and make him knock it out

Gangster's on the phone talkin' to them hoes

Call Sterol on the three and do a pere

Cuz I'm a villain and I'm chillin'

It's six six three one

[Verse Four: Yella Boy]

Up early in the mornin' time to catch the

White Bangor the roof so we can

Put the heat in my back

I caught the first charge

The coke charge a

Gun charge to sittin' in the "U' stun'n

What the fuck am I gonna do

I'm chillin' in my jail cell talkin' to the attorney

He said did you pull the trigger if so your goin' on

A long journey on the court session

Standin' tall like a man

They got my feet, and arms shackled I'm

Holdin' my right hand

I caught juvenile life plus a extra to exist

Like my nigga Tec said (Ahh shit I'm in effect)

Peewee's fuckin' playhouse don't want them havin' fun

Cuz all our strafe a cation clucker a sucker that ain't no gun

My heat is smokin' I'm thinkin' hard all you fake ass new jack

Pussy better hold that noise they must see what I see

Yes, I'm big I'm bad I'm buff motherfuck that p.t. shit

Cuz here I come to bust here come the guard Friday night

At night no more visitation he leave sit back ain't shit

I'm bout to take a lil' vacation bog boy be chillin'

And I'm from that one two three

But you better be cool before he slang you with that heat now

I'm buckin' in the hole nigga be real don't shed no tears

Cuz early Thursday mornin' bitch I'm goin' to Styleville

[Verse Five: Lil' Ya]

I Call my nigga Baby he's at the office

Doin' paper work try'na get me out

But his lawyer actin' like a murk

Feedin' him the wrong arm damn right

We had to communicate to keep shit tight

I sit at the kite some nights

When I flight and write

To my niggas and bitches who was close and all right

May the ninth was my court date

No witness no gun so they threw away the case

I was free July the twelfth down for armed robbery

Imagine how a nigga felt and fuck that judge

Because that bitch came late

Try'na give me time on my third ward court date

[Chorus: Yella Boy]


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