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Help Me - текст песни

Help Me

Verse 1- living on the edge outta control - and the world just wont let me slow

Down - but in my biggest picture - was a photo of u and me - girl you know i

Try - I work hard to provide all the material things - that I thought would

Make u happy - I’m confused - can u help me understand - cause I try to give u

The best of me - I thought we were cool maybe I was blind - but never took time

To see -

Chorus - will u help me - tell me what u want from me - can u help me - tell me

Why u wanna leave - baby help me - without you my whole world is falling apart

- and I am going crazy - life’s a prison when you’re in love alone - I need u

To come back home - I don’t wanna be alone -

Verse 2 - girl I put your love up in a shelf - and I guess I just left it to

Die - and now we’re not together - cause I hurt u too many times - and now

You’re not around - I wish for every moment of time that got wasted - we used

It to make sweet love - baby be my guide please take my hand - I want u to know

I got u if you need it - don’t wanna be on the outside looking in - I gotta

Have you girl - can’t you see it -

- chorus -

Bridge - please stay don’t go - I don’t want it to be over - give me another

Chance - I wanna be your man - girl u got me - down here on my knees - cryin’

Beggin’pleadin’ - I’ll do anything for your love -

- chorus

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