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Im Alright - табы песни

Im Alright

Frot ( тексты песен и аккорды на Tekst-pesni.ru ): [email protected] (Phillip Lord)
Subject: Louden Wainwright Im alright

This one is off “fame and wealth” (actually I only have one
LWIII CD which is a two LP in one, so this is not surprising)

Its called “Im alright” and its a blues parody. The chords are
given. Louden plays around with it a bit playing different versions
of the chords, which you could work otu, but I htink that defeats the
point. Just play whatever you feel like at time.

Incidentally Bob Brosman has written a song (Texts of songs ) with the same joke
called “Backwards blues”. If any one has that tab or even knows what
tuning is in then Id be curious

Here goes

Im alright by Louden Wainwright III

This song (Texts of songs ) is a fast blues shuffle in E

Woke up this morning, and I didnt feel that bad
last night was definately not one of the worst I ever had,
ate some dinner,
drank a few drinks,
didnt miss you baby, no matter what you think,
went back to my hotel room, went straight to bed,
I did not moan, I did not cry, I did not wish I was dead
A E B A E (turnaround)
Im alright, Im alright, Im alright without you.

Woke up this morning and I didnt have the blues,
So I pulled on my tube socks, laced up my running shoes,
went to the resevoir to jog a mile or two
I didnt think about our love and I wasnt missing you,
went back to the hotel room,
I took a few phone calls,
clean sheets on a made up bed,
and art works on the walls

Im alright, Im alright without you.

I woke up this afternoon, and I sat up in my bed,
There was a knorring in my gut and a pounding inmy head,
So I went to the bathroom, to the medicine chest,
there was razor blades and sleeping pills and all the rest,
but I was in control baby, I was so relaxed,
I found my self my dental floss, my favorite kind unwaxed !

Im alright without you.....

And thats it....

Die Texte der Lieder. Тексты песен - На сайте свыше 500 текстов песен.

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