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Ingenu - табы песни


Frot ( тексты песен и аккорды на Tekst-pesni.ru ): [email protected] (Phillip Lord)
Subject: CRD: Ingenu by Louden Wainwright IIId

This one is off “fame and wealth” (actually I only have one
LWIII CD which is a two LP in one, so this is not surprising)

Its rather sexist I suppose but it is supposed to be a joke so
I suppose thats okay. I dont think its possible to change the words
so that woman can sing it, but I think thats a load of crap anyway.
Didnt Lyle Lovett get to the American no 1 with someimes its hard to
be a woman.?????

Heres the song (Texts of songs )

Ingenu by Louden Wainwright III

typed in by Phil Lord (please dont sue me for copy right
Louden. I worked out the chords all by myself)

Well Im out on the town,looking for an ingenu,
some one young and pretty, that I can be a leading man to,
and it may be a cliche, but its also my fantasy,
its never been fulfilled, but it still holds water for me


Come on darling, be my ingenu,
you best be a good looker and stimulating to talk to.
Come on darling fullfil my fantasy,
Im on a world wide search, wont you please be my discovery

She dont need to be an actress but she needs

that classic quality,
a typist or a aris (????, a stewardess is fine by me,
All she has to do is realise that Im going to be her leading man
and Ill take Audry over Cathrine
cause Cathrine can get a little out of hand.

Im not looking for one true love, just an occasional ingenu,
Ive got them leading man in search of this fantasy fullfillment blues
Ill keep on searching and prowling, aint no way Im ever gonna quit
there must be an ingenu out there ready and waitng to submit
-to my every whim

Come on darling etc etc

you best be a pretty good looker, and a cooker and a hooker,
and stimulating to talk to.

Come on etc etc

And thats it.

Phil Lord ([email protected])

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