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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » W » Walter Brennan
Back to the Farm - текст песни

Back to the Farm

I don't care for city life

Moved to town just to please my wife

Ain't allowed to whittle with my pocket knife

I want to go back to the farm.

Can't wear overalls no more

City carpets all over the floor

Miss the boys from the general store

I want to go back to the farm.

Sure miss fishin' in old mud creek

Neighbors ain't friendly, they won't speak

Gotta take a bath at least once a week

Never had to do that on the farm.

My what I do to please the spouse

I was a man now I feel like a mouse

Bathroom built right inside the house

Ain't like it was on the farm.

Fancy restaurants, neon light

Women walkin' 'round in tights

I even miss the chigger bites

I used to get on the farm.

Suppose to be a life of ease

Well, guess I'm just a little hard to please

Momma don't fix them black-eyed peas

Like she done back on the farm.

My that wife of mine is a sight

Wears that girdle to darned tight

Gonna learn to play bridge tonight

Hm, sure weren't like that on the farm.

Don't get milk from cows no more

Comes in a bottle right to the door

You know I ain't had a saddle sore

Since I left my home on the farm.

I'm a little older but a whole lot wiser

My widfe calls me a cheap old miser

Miss that smell of fertilizer

That we had back on the farm.

She just jabbers on the phone

Talkin' about puttin' the neighbors on

She's gonna find herself alone

'Cause I'm headin' back to the farm...

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