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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » W » Waterdeep
And - текст песни


I am haunted by my love for comparison

My fascination with a single common theme

And I am hounded by the fear that I might be losing it

Slipping from reality into dream

When my mind is muddled by the way it seems to work

I start looking for just one connecting Force

Someone to assure me we that didn't lose the war today

That the battle's General's still riding on his horse

In the mornings when I pray, I've often come to You with dreams

Little bits of power that I can't comprehend

And sometimes I can keep my eyes unclosed for long enough

To see the blowing of a distant steady Wind

The distance doesn't take too long for You to cover it

And when You reach me, You just blow these things apart

You clear the crowd that's gathered 'round the crisis of my soul

And whisper to my suffocating heart

And is the juice of the joints of the motion of life

And is the love that is between God and his beautiful wife

And has two hands and two feet and a long, lovely side

And rose three days after he was crucified

So You're the Force of gravity that I feel pulling at my feet

You're the Fuel at the center of the sun

And, it's your Ghost that fills the atmosphere with what we need to breathe

And, everything I've ever wondered, You're the one

Both my hands are stained with blood

And both my lips are stained with tears

From when I kissed the widow of the man I killed

And, yet You're asking me to swallow Your forgivness here today

You say the bond required for my pardon's been fulfilled

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