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Completely Known - текст песни

Completely Known

Andy never had a father

Who was anywhere nearby

And when he was and Andy asked him things

He couldn't get him to reply

So Andy taught himself the things

That thought he might ought to know

And when he talks about the winter time

He says, "I understand the snow."

Andy left his small hometown

He went to college and he majored in art history

Now he lives in a canvas world

As a docent in a gallery

Andy speaks aesthetically

He can quantify the beautiful

But he can hardly feel inside

So he just does what's dutiful

July's tendency's to freeze

Whenever she's confronted

She's borne so many losses

That her senses have been blunted

She learned about death and dying

When she was only six years old

Since then every one she meets

Seems a little cold

She's tried to change herself

By being a good lover

But every time she finds someone good

He leaves her cause he says she smothers

She lost count a year ago

When she was living in West Virginia

The last one never even told her it was over, in fact

As he left, he said

"I got a ring I'm gonna send ya."

And I used to bathe in tears at night

Cause I felt like I was on my own

I used to think I would never be

Completely known

I used to hold on tightly

To the sorrows that I owned

But they were all I knew

They had run me through

And they had left me

All alone

I used to pray every day

That God would mend what's torn

Now I see the only way is to die...

To die...

Aand be reborn

I have finally found a way to live

In the presence of the Lord

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