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Voice Of Reason - текст песни

Voice Of Reason

I hear that voice calling once again

With visions of yesteryear and rivers of blood they shed

The times have changed but I'm steadfast

For a reign of terror the outcasts

Will be used against themselves through ignorance and lies

And so in hate my numbers grow and soon all the world will know

A twisted universal mind a mind like mine

Back to a time when I was young a father tells an only son

You are the chosen one

And as I grew so did my hate to cleanse the land became my fate

I became the gun

If the child grows knowing only what it's told

Then the man can learn only as his history unfolds

The roots of hatred we don't always see and so are left to grow

Fear begins in ones center and when allowed to flow

Will cast ripples upon still waters destroying all it knows

The disenfranchised will brutalize those who are not the same

The immigrants and infidels will be the pawn in their game

And they will use you against yourself through ignorance and lies

Hear that voice once again tie the borders

We need some order take a stand

So the politicians reach the white man

With loaded words a foot on the bible and rifle in their hands

Return to a time when you were young

When love lit your way

And all your troubles amounted to none

But who could who could say

But still do we really ever understand how we can love the child

But crucify the man

And do we ever really see that

"I could have been him and he could have been me"

Remember a time when you were young

When love cradled the day

And you did not know the difference between right and wrong

So who led who led the way

Now will you be the voice of reason when there's none

Who will who will sing it's song (Texts of songs )

I will

Die Texte der Lieder. Тексты песен - На сайте свыше 500 текстов песен.

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